Best 10 art exhibitions in London 2022

Don't miss out on the best London art exhibitions in top galleries, or plan ahead for future exhibitions.

The wide range of galleries in London have an exciting lineup of exhibitions allowing you to get your art fix. Get ready to admire amazing artworks with some of these must-see art exhibitions in London.

What exhibitions are open in London now?

1. Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms at Tate Modern

Purpley and white lights refelct in the mirrors within Yayoi Kusama's mirror rooms at Tate Modern.
Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrored Room - Filled with the Brilliance of Life 2011/2017 Tate. Presented by the artist, Ota Fine Arts and Victoria Miro 2015, accessioned 2019. © YAYOI KUSAMA.

Discover a world of endless reflections inside Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms at Tate Modern. Combining 2012 work Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life, and a Chandelier of Grief, this exhibition offers a mesmerising and immersive glimpse into the mind of the Japanese artist. Until 2 Apr

2. Astronomy Photographer of the Year at the Maritime Museum

The Milky Way illuminates the landscape  almost reflecting the illuminated National Highway 219, with mountains on the background.
The Starry Sky Over the World’s Highest National Highway © Yang Sutie/ National Maritime Museum

Thousands of photographs were submitted for the 14th edition of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, culminating in what's considered the best display of astronomy photography in the world. This year's display at the National Maritime Museum features stunning images, including a spectactular capture of a comet in the Southern Hemisphere and an Aurora Borealis gliding over shipwreck in Iceland. 17 Sep-13 Aug

3. Japan: Courts and Culture at the Queen's Gallery

Be intrigued by an exhibition of Japanese art from the Royal Collection at The Queen's Gallery. The rare pieces on display include diplomatic gifts from the reigns of James I to Elizabeth II, providing an insight into Japanese artistry and the cultural exchange between the British and Japanese royal and imperial families. Until 12 Mar

4. Pip & Pop at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art

A rainbow coloured display of rounded objects made from sugar and candy.
Where there is a flower there must be a butterfly so the flower shines more brightly. Image courtesy of Pip & Pop / Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Be dazzled by Pip & Pop, a vibrant exhibition of rainbow artworks made out of sugar and candy by artist Tanya Schultz at The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art inside Kew Gardens. Immerse yourself in the imaginary landscape installation created with Kew scientists and filled with foods of the future. Until 5 Mar.

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5. Maria Bartuszová at Tate Modern

Explore Slovakian artist Maria Bartuszová's abstract artworks inspired by the natural world at Tate Modern. This evocative exhibition showcases the artist's experimental method of casting plaster by hand, creating delicate and unique sculptures in organic shapes akin to the human body, cocoons and rain-drops. 21 Sep-16 Apr 

6. Hieroglyphs Unlocking Ancient Egypt at the British Museum

Papyrus showing one of the gods of Acient Egypt on the left, and text under hieroglyph format.
IDX 188 British Museum: Detail of The Book of the Dead of Queen Nedjmet, papyrus, Egypt, 1070 BC, 21st Dynasty. © The Trustees of the British Museum
For centuries, the life and culture of Ancient Egypt remained mysterious, mostly because of a lack of knowledge on the ancient language used at the time. Much research went on after the discovering the Rosetta Stone, an artefact that would become the key to understanding hieroglyphs symbols. This exhibition at the British Museum uncovers stories using ancient manuscripts and other objects that researchers have used to understand these ancient hieroglyphs. 13 Oct–19 Feb

7. The Credit Suisse Exhibition Lucian Freud: New Perspectives at the National Gallery

A self-portrait of Lucian Freud dressed in grey with two small children in the bottom left.
Reflection with Two Children (Self-portrait) Lucian Freud, 1965 © The Lucian Freud Archive / Bridgeman Images. Image courtesy of Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

See how Lucian Freud's painting style has evolved from a linear style to more playful depictions showcasing characterful features. The National Gallery exhibition shines a new light on the Berlin-born painter’s signature works from large-scale canvasses to intimate portraits that span seven decades of his career. 1 Oct-22 Jan 

8. The EY Exhibition: Cézanne at Tate Modern

A still life painting of a basket of red and yellow apples on a table covered in a table cloth with a bottle of wine behind
Paul Cezanne Still Life with Apples 1893 – 1894 . The J Paul Getty Museum

Step into the world of Cézanne, one of the most pivotal figures in modern art. In this career-spanning exhibition at Tate Modern, discover how he broke the rule book as an emerging impressionist and made his mark on the art world with his signature still lifes, landscapes and paintings of bathers. 6 Oct-4 Mar

9. Making Modernism at Royal Academy of Arts

a painting of a girl with reddish brown hair holding a baby wearing a red outfit with red flowers in the background
Paula Modersohn-Becker Girl with Child, 1902 Oil on cardboard, 45.3 x 50.5 cm Kunstmuseum Den Haag © Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Image courtesy of Royal Academy of Arts.

Discover Making Modernism at Royal Academy of Arts, illustrating the pioneering work of women who developed a radical new approach to European art in the early 1900s. Featuring innovative self-portraits, urban scenes and landscapes from celebrated artists such as Paula Modersohn-Becker, Kӓthe Kollwitz, Gabriele Münter and Marianne Werefkin. 12 Nov-12 Feb

10. Magdalena Abakanowicz at Tate Modern

Get a rare opportunity to see Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz's famous Abakans at Tate Modern. The pioneering installation features the ambiguous woven fibre sculptures in a towering forest-like display, alongside the artist's drawings and early textile pieces. 17 Nov-21 May

Art exhibitions in London to book ahead for 2022

Hilma af Klint at the Outernet

Spiralling temple showcasing Hilma af Klint's painting in an immersive experience at the Outernet.
The Temple - Hilma af Klint exhibition at the Outernet, photo courtesy of Outside Organisation
Discover a new interactive experience at the Outernet with a deep dive into the world of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint. A member of several spiritual and esoteric movements, the artist dreamt of exhibiting her life's work in a spiral-shaped building. More than a century later, technology is bringing the idea to life with an immersive VR experience that takes visitors through the artist's most iconic pieces. Every Sunday, 11 Dec-26 Feb

Turner on Tour at the National Gallery

Painting by William Turner representing the arrival of a boat in the bustling port of Cologne.
Cologne, the Arrival of a Packet-Boat: Evening by Joseph Mallord William Turner. © The Frick Collection, New York / photo Michael Bodycomb
For a limited time, two masterpieces of the iconic painter William Turner are in residence at the National Gallery. The two paintings Harbour of Dieppe: Changement de Domicile and Cologne, the Arrival of a Packet-Boat: Evening display the artist's fascination with the bustling ports of Dieppe and Cologne, from which he began two European tours. Room 46, until 19 Feb

Marco Brambilla at the Outernet

A group stands in front of a screen displaying a 360 degrees collage of various film clips.
Heaven’s Gate, an immersive experience by Marco Brambilla at the Outernet. Image courtesy of Outside Organisation
For the first time in Europe, Marco Brambilla brings Heaven's Gate to London, a brand new VR experience using storytelling in an apocalyptic way. As you walk through a landscape using 360 degree technology, the seven levels of purgatory unveil in front of your very eyes, inspired by Hollywood scenes and film clips. Every Sunday, from Feb 

Donatello: Sculpting the Renaissance at the V&A

Bronze bust of a young man, part of Donatello Sulpting the Renaissance exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum.
Circle of Donatello, Platonic Bust, bronze, Florence, courtesy of Museo Nazionale del Bargello and The Ministry of Culture Italy. Photo by Bruno Bruchi
Explore the life and the undeniable talent of Donatello, one of the grand masters from the Renaissance, at the V&A Museum. The exhibition showcases the impact Donatello had on a key period in the history of art and exhibits some of his sculptures never seen before in the UK. Discover the relationship between various mediums, from painting to sculpture and the influence Donatello had on a whole generation of artists that continues to this day. 11 Feb-11 Jun

Luxury and Power: Persia to Greece at the British Museum

The British Museum explores the relationship between luxury and power in the Middle East and southeast Europe. Discover how the Persian empire used objects and luxury as means of power and authority, as you go on a journey from Athens to ancient Iran and across the ancient empire of Alexander the Great. 4 May 2023-13 Aug 2023

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