11 best London Chinatown restaurants

Discover the best restaurants in London's Chinatown, from specialists in regional Chinese cuisine to the best places to eat dim sum.
landscape shot of different plates of chinese food including noodles and dumplings, accompanied by glasses of red and white wine
Traditional Cantonese dishes at Imperial China London. Image courtesy of Imperial China London.

Find the best places to eat Chinese food in Chinatown during London's Chinese New Year celebrations or at any time of year.

You can also find Chinatown restaurants specialising in other cuisines, from Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese to European and Middle Eastern dishes.

1. Four Seasons

Sample some of the best roast duck in London at Four Seasons. The restaurant has been open for more than three decades and uses grain-fed, free-range birds that are seasoned in its secret blend of spices. Its roast duck is a must-try London dish.

2. Good Friend

Hand holding a skewer of fried chicken at Good Friend in London Chinatown.

Good Friend is one of the best places in London Chinatown to try Taiwan’s legendary crispy fried chicken. Take your pick from breast, wings or popcorn chicken, and then add some oomph with one of the many flavoured powders to pick from, such as pepper and chilli or plum.

3. Imperial China 

Visit Imperial China, one of the largest London Chinatown restaurants, for a wide selection of Cantonese dishes and dim sum with a focus on seafood. Housed over three floors and featuring karaoke rooms and even its own carp pond, this spot is ideal for big groups and families.

4. Dumplings’ Legend

Two chefs make dumplings at Dumplings' Legend in London Chinatown.

Feast on delicious dumplings with pan-Asian influences at one of Chinatown’s most popular dim sum restaurants: Dumplings’ Legend. Watch as the chefs create magic as they fill and fold the dumplings behind a glass wall.

5. BaoziInn

Head to BaoziInn for delicious noodles and spicy dishes served in a modern, cosy Chinatown restaurant. It serves delicious northern Chinese street food and all-day Cantonese dim sum.

6. Speedboat Bar

Tuck into dishes bursting with flavour at the no frills, sports bar-style Speedboat Bar, inspired by Chinatown in Bangkok. Snack on the popular crispy chicken skin, before delving into main dishes packed with flavour. 

7. Plum Valley

An assortment of colourful dim sum in small wicker baskets

Treat yourself to high-end Chinese cuisine at Plum Valley, one of the best fine-dining restaurants in London's Chinatown. Explore the vast menu that features Cantonese specialities such as taro croquettes and wasabi king prawns.

8. Cafe TPT

Find a huge variety of top-quality Chinese and Malaysian dishes at street-food shop Cafe TPT. Choose from noodles, hot stone sizzling pots, seafood and more, and wash it down with a bubble tea.

9. Bake

Hand holding taiyaki, a fish-shaped waffle filled with ice cream, in London Chinatown.

Enjoy tasty pan-Asian snacks at Bake. Savoury offerings include the bakery’s best-selling char siu bao (barbecue pork steamed buns). If you have a sweet tooth, try taiyaki, a fish-shaped waffle filled with matcha ice cream.

10. Opium

A hand holds a black and red Chinese rice bowl, filled with ice and a macaron.

Find a nondescript blue door in Chinatown to enter Opium, a speakeasy-style cocktail lounge and dim sum parlour that's well worth seeking out. Set over two floors, this 1920s-themed spot takes inspiration from all things Chinese, from the ingredients and flavours used in the cocktail list to the dim sum menu and vintage decor.

11. Leong's Legend

Head to wooden-panelled Leong’s Legend to sample specialities from Taiwan and beyond, including mouthwatering pork buns, delicious soup dumplings and slow-braised pork belly cooked to perfection.