Best 7 vegetarian restaurants in London

A selection of different vegan dishes such as plant based burger, kebab and stir fry,  presented on individual plates.
Mildreds, a restaurant chain offering vegan food across several locations in London, Image courtesy of Mildreds
From veggie hot dogs to fine-dining dishes, there are plenty of tempting vegetarian options to choose from at the best vegetarian restaurants in London.

Most London restaurants offer vegetarian options, but there are also plenty of dedicated London vegetarian restaurants for you to indulge at. From Asian-inspired street food, to sweet treats and super foods at instagrammable café. 

Take your pick from the best vegetarian restaurants London has to offer, listed below in no particular order; whether cafes serving light bites or high-end restaurants conjuring up inventive takes on veggie-only dishes. Or why not opt for one of London's vegan eateries.

1. The Gate

The aubergine schnitzel served with greens is presented on a white plate at The Gate Restaurant with a glass of white wine.
The aubergine schnitzel, a star dish on the menu served at the plant based restaurant The Gate. Image courtesy of The Gate

Sample food inspired by various cuisines at The Gate in Hammersmith. Drawing on their Indo-Iraqi and Jewish heritage with sustainability playing a key role in the kitchen with locally sourced products, brothers Adrian and Michael Daniel opened this veggie restaurant in 1989. Choose from the likes of aubergine schnitzel, Katsu curry and pumkin stuffed Wellington. The Gate also has outposts in Islington and Marylebone.

2. Rasa N16

It’s hard to miss the bright pink front of Rasa N16 when walking down Stoke Newington Church Street. Be treated to Kerala’s fragrant spices – think cardamom, ginger, turmeric and black pepper – as the chefs weave together intricate flavours. Take your pick from vibrant beetroot curries, vegetables simmered in fennel and ginger and delicious dosa.

Where: 55 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0AR

3. Mildreds

Close up on a plate served at Mildred's, the vegetarian restaurant, presenting two vegetarian kebab skewers.
Mildreds, a restaurant chain offering vegan food across several locations in London, Image courtesy of Mildreds

Treat your taste buds to an inventive use of flavours at Mildreds. The Soho restaurant  first opened in 1988, and has since expanded to Camden, Dalston and King’s Cross. A focus on regularly changing international dishes, such as Sri Lankan sweet potato, green been curry, Korean Fried Chick'n, and a range of fun cocktails keep London’s vegetarians coming back to this outstanding plant-based restaurant. The menus change frequently here according to seasonal produce.

4. Cafe Van Gogh

Two persons are sitting enjoying a brunch with dishes including Mac and Cheese, plant-based fried chicken amongst others.
Cafe Van Gogh, a famous cafe in Brixton offering a colourful plant based menu. Image courtesy of Cafe Van Gogh

A non-profit restaurant in Brixton, the Van Gogh Café supports three charity and plays a central role for the community in this part of East London.In addition to being a zero waste business, the restaurant is also one of London's most aesthetically pleasing with its Starry sky painted ceiling. Those who visit the café can expect unique and colourful dishes perfect for a coffee date, brunch with friends or a Sunday roast with the family. The brunch menu is an all time favourite with its Seitan fried chick'n and waffle and wide selection of "egg" dishes, from huevos rancheros to tofu scrambled eggs. This is a spot that serves up a treat while doing a good deed.

Where: 88 Brixton Road, SW9 6BE

5. The Omni Collective

Selection of dishes served at The Omni COllective, a plant-based restaurant with a seasonal menu.
The Omni Collective, a plant-based restaurant in South London, Peckham. Image courtesy of The Omni Collective/ Jennifer Moyes Photography.

The Omni Collective takes you on a journey to discover that food is every bit as tasty with a plant-based twist with the aim of bringing people together around a table. What started with a series of pop-ups is now a residency in Peckham, offering a menu boasting seasonal products for a planted-based extravaganza. All dishes have been created to be shared with the option to go all in for those fearing to miss out. The experience invites for multiple visits as the chefs offer a micro seasonal menu changing every 3-4 weeks, paired with a selection of natural wines.

Where: 24A Peckham Rye, SE15 4JR

6. The Duke of Cambridge

Accredited since 1998 to be Britain’s first organic pub, The Duke of Cambridge features seasonal products sourced from local farms. This Islington pub and its rustic setting offer an omnivore menu that has something for everyone. This hearty kitchen includes satisfying comfort food such as its baked camembert or its butternut, beetroot and chickpea pie along with a multitude of side dishes. This a good recipe for a wholesome Sunday at the pub!

Where: 30 St Peter's Street, N1 8JT 

7. The Alter

Selection of Thai inspired dishes served at The Alter, a plant based restaurant in Aldgate East.
Selection of dishes served at the vegetarian Thai restaurant The Alter. Image courtesy of The Alter/ Nic Crilly-Hargrave

Alter offers a plant-based menu that aims to attract all kinds of diners, inspired by Asian street food culture without the addition of meat substitutes. Expect dishes packed with international flavours that are elegantly presented. From steamed bao buns to dumplings and its plethora of noodle dishes, the menu stands out by its creativity. The restaurant, located in Aldgate East, is on the top floor of the Leman Locke Hotelwith - its setting complimenting the menu with its modern Asia vibe.

Where: 15 Leman Street, E1 8EN