Accessible restaurants in London

Follow our tips to find an accessible restaurant in London.

In recent years access to London's restaurants has improved. The result is that disabled people are increasingly finding it easier to enjoy the many eateries London has to offer.

However, not all restaurants are accessible. Smaller independent restaurants sometimes have restricted access, particularly those in older buildings. 

Restaurants with multiple outlets (chains) are often accessible, but not always. If a particular outlet is not accessible, there may be an accessible one nearby.

If a restaurant does not appear accessible, make sure you enquire. Staff may be able to assist, for example by guiding you to an alternative entrance, bringing out a portable ramp or providing a menu in large print.


AccessAble provides an online national guide to accessible buildings, venues and services. Its experts audit each business to collect the information.

Visit the AccessAble website for comprehensive access information on restaurants in London.