Top 10 things to do at Windsor Castle

Don't miss these top things to do at Windsor Castle, including St George's Chapel, the State Apartments and beautiful art.
A view of Windsor Castle surrounded by greenery.
Windsor Castle. ©Peter Packer/Royal Collection Trust/His Majesty King Charles III 2023.

Windsor Castle is open all year round and can easily be visited on a day trip from London. The spectacular castle was rumoured to have been Queen Elizabeth II's favourite residence and was also the venue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in 2018.

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Make sure your visit to Windsor Castle includes these top 10 highlights:

1. The Precincts tour

The historical grounds of Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle precincts © Nihal Shah via Unsplash. Image courtesy of Nihal Shah via Unsplash

Start your day with a 30-minute tour of the Castle Precincts. Learn about its past as a fortress and palace, from 1070 when William the Conqueror first built a castle here, to its role as an official royal residence.

2. Audio tour with King Charles III

Pick up a free audio guide for a tour introduced by King Charles III. The commentary guides you throughout the castle. There’s also a family multimedia tour for the little ones, and guides for blind and partially sighted visitors.

3. St George's Chapel

St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on a sunny day
Windsor Castle precincts © Lorena Kelly via Unsplash. Image courtesy of Lorena Kelly via Unsplash

Admire the intricate gothic architecture of St George's Chapel, where the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan) took place. Inside the chapel lie the tombs of 10 monarchs, including Charles I, Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour. 

4. The State Apartments

Explore the glorious State Apartments, which are used to host official visits. Don't miss the lavishly decorated Grand Reception Room, complete with glittering chandeliers. You can also see the rooms built for Charles II, who hoped to rival the grandeur of Versailles.

5. Changing the Guard

Windsor Castle guardsmen in traduitional attire, red jackets and bear skin hats, are standing in rows in Windsor Castle courtyard.
Guards in formation at Windsor Castle. ©Lorena Kelly/Unsplash.

This colourful ceremony marking the changeover of duties doesn't only take place at Buckingham Palace. Enjoy the same pageantry during the Changing the Guard at Windsor Castle. The ceremony doesn't take place every day, so make sure to check in advance for dates and times.

6. The Semi-State Rooms

The Royal Family uses these incredibly lavish rooms for official entertaining, so they are only open to the public between September and March. George IV commissioned the rooms, which are an example of some of the finest late-Georgian interiors in the country. 

7. Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Marvel at the incredibly detailed doll house built for Queen Mary in the 1920s. It is a perfect replica of an aristocratic home and even has electricity and running water. A starring feature is the library of 700 miniature books.

8. The Moat Room

See how Windsor Castle developed with three largescale bronze models showing how the castle looked at different moments in time. The Moat Room also gives an overview of the castle's 950-year history.

9. Fine art

The castle is full of amazing artwork. Be awed by paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto in the State Apartments and see changing selections from the Royal Collection in the Drawings Gallery, including major works by Leonardo, Holbein, Michelangelo and Raphael. 

10. The China Museum

Examine beautiful pieces of porcelain that Queen Mary chose to display in the corridor in the 1920s. Among the collection are beautiful Chinese and Japanese pieces from the 17th and early-18th centuries and two Sèvres sets.

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