11 peaceful places you won't believe are in London

Discover some of the most peaceful, quiet and relaxing places in London.
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From ornate temples to hidden gardens, wander off the beaten path, get your camera ready and explore peaceful places you wouldn't believe are in London.

1. Barbican Conservatory

Lose yourself in a hidden tropical oasis at the centre of the monolithic Barbican. Marvel at exotic fish and study more than 2,000 species of plants in a conservatory you never knew existed – the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday.

2. Epping Forest

Escape the urban sprawl and get a taste of countryside life in London’s largest open air park, Epping Forest. Find peace and quiet as you wander around the vast space, admiring the wildlife, or joining one of the activities, including crafts and horse riding.

3. Richmond Park

Be at one with nature at the historic Richmond Park. This has been a Royal Park for more than 400 years. Enjoy the landscape, hills and woodland gardens set among ancient trees. See London’s wildlife right at home in this spacious, beautiful park.

4. St Dunstan in the East

Find peace in the City of London at the secluded St Dunstan in the East churchyard, designed by celebrated London architect, Sir Christopher Wren. Appreciate the quiet calm in combination with the plants wending their way through the ruins. You’ll forget you’re in the centre of London.

5. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple

Discover one of the largest Hindu temples outside of India. Constructed according to ancient Vedic architectural scripts, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is admired for its exquisite workmanship. Discover more about Hinduism in the exhibition inside the temple.

6. Crystal Palace Park

Explore London’s very own Jurassic park inside the historic Crystal Palace Park. Wander around the vast grounds and don’t miss the animal farm, maze, sports centre and dinosaur sculptures, placed by their Victorian sculptors. Download a free audio guide to your phone to make the most of your visit.

7. Highgate Cemetery

Secluded and peaceful, Highgate Cemetery is home to illustrious figures from history such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McClaren, Feliks Topolski, Michael Faraday, and George Eliot, amongst others. Explore both East and West cemeteries, and admire the abundance of trees, memorials and wildlife inside.

8. Horniman Museum and Gardens

Soothe your curious mind and explore the Horniman Museum and Gardens in south-east London, which opened in Victorian London. Study the museum's collection of anthropology and musical instruments, and explore the acclaimed aquarium. Wander the stunning garden complete with a greenhouse.

10. Syon Park

Get a sense of the deep countryside without ever leaving London at Syon Park. Built in the 16th century and home to the Duke of Northumberland, the house has many rooms inside to explore. Take a stroll in the vast gardens where wildlife and trees flourish. 

11. Buddhapadipa Temple

Experience Thailand at the majestic Buddhapadipa Temple. Walk around the Zen flower garden, gaze up at the golden statue of Buddha, and take in the splendour of the Uposotha Hall. The bustle of the city will seem far away. 

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