What you need to know about London National Park City

Discover what a National Park City is and how you can get involved.
  • London became a National Park City in July 2019.
  • The capital celebrated the launch with the London National Park City Festival.
  • Enjoy London's outdoor spaces, from rooftop bars to lidos, all year round.

What is a National Park City?

The Mayor of London worked with the National Park City Foundation to make London the first National Park City in the world in July 2019.

The accolade celebrates the urban wildlife and abundance of green spaces that exist, while making a commitment to make the city greener than it already is.

In the future, other cities who make similar promises to become greener, healthier, and wilder could become National Park Cities too. 

Celebrate London's outdoor spaces

Explore green and urban outdoor spaces in London throughout the year, as nearly half of the city is considered "green".

Go on a London adventure

Put on your exploring shoes to uncover adventures across the capital's outdoor spaces. Crack clues on Foxtrail's urban adventure trail, abseil down the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture, whizz through Archbishop's Park with Zip Now London and see stunning views as you climb Up at The O2

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Encounter wildlife in London

Discover incredible wildlife in unexpected places around the capital. See deer in Richmond Park, stroll around Walthamstow Wetlands, find orchids in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden and watch lions roar at London Zoo.

Meet more animals at one of London's city farms.

Spend a day by the water

From the river Thames to bathing ponds, London is full of scenic spots by the water. Have a drink at a riverside pub, make a splash in an outdoor pool and explore London's waterways, including the pretty canals running through Little Venice

Plan a fun-filled day along the Thames.

Discover urban oases and hidden gems

London is full of outdoor hidden gems. Discover street art in east London, find unexpected tranquillity in Covent Garden's Floral Court, walk around the Zen flower garden at Buddhapadipa Temple and sip on cocktails in pretty spaces – such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden at Southbank Centre. 

Find more of London's rooftop bars

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