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Natural History Museum Gardens

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Discover a tranquil green space where you can relax, learn and enjoy nature when you visit the gardens at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington.

Enter the Evolution Garden and see the history of the planet unfold through a timeline of plants, touchable fossils and more.

Come face-to-face with a full-size bronze cast of a Diplodocus in the Jurassic Garden, where you can immerse yourself in a Jurassic-style landscape created through carefully chosen trees and plants.

Look for dragonflies, frogs and newts as you wander along the sunken pathway by the pond in the Nature Discovery Garden. There are grassland, woodland and wetland habitats all showcasing the hardiness of nature as it adapts to urban living.

Take along a picnic and listen to the birdsong as you relax in this tranquil space, or pop in to the museum and learn more about our planet’s diversity and history.

Important information

The gardens at the Natural History Museum open on 18 July.


Adult ticket Free