How to visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London

Find out all you need to know about the popular Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour.
The Dumbledore office set, including stairs, pictures on the wall and Dumbledore costume, at Warner Bros. Studio Tour - London
Dumbledore's office set. Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

Discover how to get tickets, what to expect on the tour and how to get to the venue.

What is Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London?

Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London is one of the city’s most popular attractions: a tour of the studio where all eight Harry Potter films were produced.

Step onto authentic sets including the Great Hall, Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest; see iconic Harry Potter costumes and props; and uncover the magic behind the films’ spellbinding special effects.

How to get to Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London is located in Watford, 32km (20 miles) north west of London.

The easiest way to travel to Warner Bros. Studio Tour is by coach from central London. Coaches regularly depart from London Victoria and London King's Cross and drop you directly at the Studio Tour. Book tour tickets and return coach travel.

You can also travel there by rail, with direct services running from London Euston. The closest railway station is Watford Junction. From Watford Junction, you can usually take the shuttle bus to the Studio Tour – this takes about 15 minutes, however this is currently unavailable due to the introduction of safety measures relating to coronavirus.

What to see and do at Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London

Enter into the magical world of Harry Potter and see iconic props, sets and costumes galore, with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London.

Tour highlights include:

  • Shop-lined Diagon Alley, featuring fan-favourite Ollivanders wand shop.
  • Gringotts Wizarding Bank, with its towering marble columns and crystal chandeliers – also featuring the Bellatrix Lestrange Vault and a gallery of goblins.
  • The Forbidden Forest set, complete with 19 impressively large trees.
  • The Great Hall, with its wooden banquet tables, student costumes and props.
  • Quidditch uniforms and Yule Ball gowns.
  • Iconic creature props, including The Basilisk, Buckbeak and Aragog.
  • The Backlot Café, where you can enjoy a frothy, non-alcoholic Butterbeer.
  • Popular exterior sets, including the Knight Bus and Hogwarts Bridge. The inside of Privet Drive is closed to maintain social distancing.

Can’t get enough of the Harry Potter universe? Delve deeper with special exhibitions and experiences, including the annual, ever-popular Hogwarts in the Snow. Plus, make sure to also plan a visit to the The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition at the London Film Museum.

Find out more about special events and experiences.

How long does the Studio Tour take?

There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend at Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London, but most visits last three to four hours. Make sure you take into account travel time to and from the venue when planning your visit.

How to book tickets

Warner Bros. Studio Tour – London tickets must be booked in advance and cannot be purchased at the venue.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is very popular, especially during school holidays, so book early to avoid disappointment.

See all ticket options and book now.