Top 12 Greenwich Instagram hotspots

Whether striking architecture, unique sights or stunning views, Greenwich has plenty of Insta-worthy spots to explore.
Views of a sunset over Greenwich and Canary Wharf from Greenwich Park.
Instagrammable Greenwich. Photo: Ed Simmons. Image courtesy of Visit Greenwich.

Discover historical ships, straddle the Prime Meridian line, marvel at one of London’s most Instagrammable staircases and admire some of the best views in the city – Greenwich is perfect for filling your feed with FOMO-inducing photos.


Cutty Sark

An historic wooden ship viewed from ground level against a blue sky.
The Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Step aboard Cutty Sark, the world’s sole surviving tea clipper. Take the ship’s wheel, soak up incredible views across the Thames and be sure to look up to get a snap of the awe-inspiring mast. 

After checking out the top deck, clamber below to stand beneath the Cutty Sark’s magnificent gold-coloured hull. Capture the graceful lines that made her one of the fastest ships in the world, against striking modern steel supports.

Greenwich Park

The view from General Wolfe Statue

A statue of an historic figure in a cape with the London skyline in the background.
General Wolfe Statue in Greenwich. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
Climb to the General James Wolfe statue in leafy Greenwich Park and soak up the glorious views across London. Old meets new here, with historic Old Royal Naval College and Queen’s House set against modern skyscrapers. 

Seasonal sights

Avenue of trees in Greenwich Park covered in pink blossom.
Spring blossoms in Greenwich Park. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
Visit Greenwich Park in spring to see avenues of cherry trees in bloom – the pretty pink blossoms and clouds of petals make it one of the most romantic places in London. Wrap up warm in autumn for fiery leaves of yellow and orange, or find beautiful blooms filling the flower garden in summer. 

Queen's House

The Tulip Stairs

A woman climbs up Queen's House's white and blue Tulip Staircase in Greenwich.
The iconic Tulip Staircase, Queen's House, Greenwich. Image courtesy of Royal Museums Greenwich.

Capture the unique elegance of the Tulip Stairs at Queen’s House. This spellbinding spiral staircase was the first of its type in Britain and is housed within Inigo Jones’ 17th-century classical masterpiece.

After climbing the Tulip Stairs, head to the balcony for sweeping views of the magnificent Great Hall. Once you've caught the perfect shot of the dramatic marble floor, head to the Queen's Presence Chamber to see the famous Armada portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Prime Meridian line at Royal Observatory Greenwich

A man in a yellow top photographs the Prime Meridian line at Royal Observatory.
Prime Meridian Line at Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Image courtesy of Reid.
Stand at the centre of world time at Royal Observatory Greenwich, the home of Greenwich Mean Time. Take the obligatory snap with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and one foot in the western hemisphere, separated by the Prime Meridian line that marks zero degrees longitude.

Nelson's Ship in a Bottle

Replica of Nelson's ship inside a large glass bottle on a stone plinth.
Nelson's Ship in a Bottle. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
Gaze up at a replica of Admiral Lord Nelson’s battle-ready flagship, HMS Victory, preserved inside a huge glass bottle. Artist Yinka Shonibare’s piece, titled Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle, was previously perched on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and uses colourful screen-printed fabric for the ship’s sails.

Old Royal Naval College

The facade

A historic white stone building with columns and two large domes on the roof.
Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Image courtesy of Reid.
Frame the perfect picture between the twin domes of the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich – these graceful architectural masterpieces form part of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. Make sure to visit the Chapel of St Peter and St Paul to admire its pretty Wedgewood-inspired blue ceiling. Alternatively, capture the view from the river Thames aboard one of Uber Boats by Thames Clippers.

Painted Hall

A highly ornate painted ceiling overhangs a large historic room lit by candles.
Painted Hall, Old Royal Naval College. Image courtesy of ORNC /2008 Roger M Stevens.

Be amazed by the magnificent baroque interior of the Painted Hall, sometimes referred to as the “Sistine Chapel of the UK”. This 18th-century masterpiece is a celebration of England’s naval power and one of the most picture-worthy spots in London.

Street food at Greenwich Market

A row of shops interrupted by a curved sign reading 'Greenwich Market' hung above an alleyway.
Greenwich Market. Image courtesy of Visit Greenwich.
Give your friends guaranteed food envy at Greenwich Market, where vendors sell tasty fare from around the world, whether vegan street food or Vietnamese banh mi. Leave space for a sweet treat – the cannoli, churros and macarons shouldn’t be missed!

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Domed redbrick entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.
Greenwich Foot Tunnel. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Experience Greenwich on a subterranean level by exploring the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. Opened in 1902, the tunnel runs from Cutty Sark Gardens to the Isle of Dogs. The geometric lines of the white tiles, contrasted with the curve of the tunnel, make for some interesting photo opportunities. 

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