ShopMobility in London

ShopMobility schemes, based at shopping centres throughout the UK, provide short-term hire of wheelchairs and scooters to help you get around the shops.

ShopMobility is a national federation of independent local schemes that strive to make shopping accessible to all. They promote equality of access and encourage independent mobility for people with disabilities.

ShopMobility in London

It's advisable to book in advance where possible.

A number of London's shopping centres have a ShopMobility scheme nearby or in the centre of the shopping area. A scheme usually has an office with adjacent blue badge parking spaces. The offices offer manual or electric wheelchairs, as well as scooters, for hire and use. Some schemes can provide volunteer escorts if necessary. Some of these are trained to guide people with visual impairments. Some schemes provide equipment for free, otherwise services and charges vary.

For more information about ShopMobility UK and the services available at each of its locations, visit the ShopMobility website.