Sambal Shiok



Sambal Shiok

171 Holloway Road
N7 8LX


A taste of Kuala Lumpur in London, Sambal Shiok is a Laksa restaurant run by Malaysian chef Mandy Yin who cooks her own version of the spicy dish with shrimp paste and tamarind.

Sambal Shiok is nestled in a small corner of Islington, yet offers a huge explosion of powerful Malaysian flavours. Mandy Yin's award-winning eatery reflects her love for Malaysian spices since its opening and offers an all hit, no miss menu full of exceptionally crafted dishes.

From fiery sunset-red Laksa's, to cool and earthy gado-gado salads, Yin's signature style of Kuala Lumpur cooking is the Piccadilly line's best loved secret, having also been featured on Tom Parker Bowles' Hidden Gems Dining Experience hotlist.