Abbey Road, London – Made famous by The Beatles

St John's Wood


Abbey Road

St John's Wood


Discover two of the capital's most iconic music attractions during a visit to Abbey Road. Stop by this world-renowned location to recreate a classic London moment at The Beatles' Abbey Road crossing, made famous by the band who shot their album artwork here.

Celebrate pop music history and head across the road to Abbey Road Studios, one of the most famous studios in the world and where The Beatles recorded most of their music. Known as a hotspot for music fans, Abbey Road is the perfect place to explore two pop culture landmarks.

What is Abbey Road?

Abbey Road is a road in north-west London that houses one of the world’s most famous recording studios, as well the famous Beatles zebra crossing.

Where is Abbey Road in London?

You can find the Abbey Road location in St John’s Wood, in north-west London. This pretty area is north-west of Regent’s Park and south of Hampstead, and includes plenty of cafes and restaurants, as well as Lord's Cricket Ground.

Although The Beatles are from Liverpool, there is no official Abbey Road Liverpool crossing.

Where is Abbey Road Studios?

Abbey Road Studios is located on Abbey Road in St John’s Wood – across the road from the famous Beatles' Abbey Road crossing.

How to travel to Abbey Road

The nearest station to Abbey Road is St John’s Wood Tube station, which is on the Northern line. When you exit the station, head west along Grove End Road for around 500 metres and turn right onto Abbey Road. You’ll find the studios and the crossing just after this junction.

Alternatively, take the 139 or 189 buses, which stop along the road.

Please note: Abbey Road DLR station is in east London, therefore it is not near Abbey Road in north-west London.

The Beatles Abbey Road attractions

In April 1969, The Beatles came to Abbey Road recording studios to make their final album. The studio and famous zebra crossing have since become Grade II listed, and are still regarded as British music icons to this day.

Abbey Road crossing

The Abbey Road zebra crossing is famous worldwide as the spot captured on The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover. The cover, which shows an image of each of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, has become one of the most famous album sleeves of all time.

Replicate the Fab Four’s Abbey Road cover picture by grabbing three friends and walking on The Beatles crossing on Abbey Road – but remember the road is in constant use by road users.

Abbey Road Studios

These famous recording studios have also seen the likes of Pink Floyd and Edward Elgar pass through their doors since 1931, and are still some of the best studios in the world. More recent recordings have included Kanye West, Adele and Florence + the Machine.

There is no official Abbey Road Studios tour, but you can take a picture of the building from outside, leave a message on its graffiti wall or look for souvenirs in the shop. You can take a peek inside with a virtual Abbey Road tour on the studios’ website.

Abbey Road webcam in London

Watch the famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road Studios, where one of the most-imitated events in pop music history occurred. 

See the live view of where The Beatles shot their iconic album cover and give a wave to the camera when replicating it yourself. You can check out your Abbey Road picture on its website later!

Why was Abbey Road so important to The Beatles?

Abbey Road Studios was the world’s first purpose-built recording studio and quickly became the centre of popular music.
This was the building where The Beatles recorded almost all of their studio material, before naming their last album after the street they had spent nearly a decade at. This arguably made Abbey Road Studios the most important location in the group’s history.


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