Camden Town Brewery


Camden Town Brewery

55 Wilkin Street Mews
Kentish Town


The Camden Town Brewery is an iconic brewer located in the heart of one of the city's most buzzing districts. Camden is known for its markets, music venues and street performances making it the perfect place to grab a pint from a local brewer. 

Camden Town Brewery creates local London beers and serves them at the brewery bar. The exciting range includes lager, pale ale, stout and limited edition items.

Their best-known tipple, Hells Lager, can be spotted in pubs across the city along with many of their other popular brews. Just look out for their fresh designs that look as interesting as the beer tastes, created by local artist Martyna Makes. 

Can I visit the brewery?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at this iconic brewery on a Camden Town Brewery Tasting Tour. Sampling a selection of this delicious tipple as your guide teaches you how to see, smell and taste the beer like an expert.

A group of people stand next to the machines of a brewhouse at Camden Town Brewery in London.

Where is it?

Camden Town Brewery is located on Wilkin Street Mews, NW5 3NN, opposite Kentish Town West tube station (North London line), 15 minutes walk from Camden Town.