Lucie Fryer

landscape photo of a long, dark brown haired lady wearing a green cardigan and Herringbone-print coat over the top, standing smiling in front of Shakespeare's Globe

Lucie Fryer

Content Manager

Lucie Fryer has been a Content Executive for Visit London since 2023, leading on the nightlife, music, special events and sustainability sections of the website – which make up some of her favourite parts of the city.


After spending most of her salad days visiting London with friends, Lucie studied in the capital and now resides in the leafy borough of Hackney, promoting the city far and wide.


The green spaces in London have a special place in Lucie’s heart, and she loves the way London fuses so many fragments and identities – where different areas of the city bring back special memories, allow her to form new ones or remind her of other places in the world.