Monopoly Lifesized



Monopoly Lifesized



Experience the popular family game come to life, as you roll the giant dice and move around the interactive board at Monopoly Lifesized in Tottenham Court Road. Be entertained by 80 minutes of immersive gameplay, as you attempt exhilarating challenges and build your London empire - Just don't end up in jail!

What is Monopoly Lifesized?

Enjoy an interactive, multi-player, economics-themed game, based on the much-loved Monopoly board game. Roll the dice and travel around the super-size board, buying and trading properties, collecting rent from your opponents, and earning as much money as you can by completing escape room-style challenges.

Choose from four different versions of Monopoly Lifesized when booking: CityClassic, Classic: Own It All and Luxury. The gameplay on each board works in exactly the same way – with no extra rules to learn - but the themes and challenges differ, offering you the opportunity to come back and compete again.

The City Board version of the game features modern-day London landmarks, while the Classic Board is reminiscent of the classic board game, giving players the chance to relive Monopoly memories.

The Classic: Own It All Board encourages you to challenge your teammates in a race to own it all, whereas the Luxury Board is made for the high rollers who like to be the banker.

Pass go to stop at the Monopoly-themed Top Hat Restaurant & Bar that serves food and speciality cocktails.

How can I buy tickets?


Buy tickets for Monopoly Lifesized now.


Where is the Monopoly Lifesized?


The experience takes place at 213-215 Tottenham Court Road. The closest Underground station is Goodge Street.


What age is the experience suitable for?


Monopoly Lifesized is suitable for children aged nine and above, and adults. Those aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult will be required for every five players who are under 16.



Adult Ticket From £59.00 per ticket