9 exciting things to do in Peckham

Lloyd and Yaya bloggers of Hand Luggage Only sit on a sofa in front of a grey wall. Lloyd and Yaya of Hand Luggage Only
Peckham is a neighbourhood that really lets you into a true taste of what life is like in London. It’s fun, very delicious, quirky, artistically varied and never, ever boring!

We’ve always been fans of this part of London. There’s so much happening here, and it’s one of the most exciting places to visit in the city. You can grab the best jollof rice, visit some of the coolest venues, find amazing art (both on the street and in galleries) and dance the night away while watching the sunset or indeed, sunrise over London.

Discover the reasons why you need to visit with these nine exciting, interesting and rather fun things to do in Peckham.

Try some typical London dishes at M. Manze

Exterior of M Manze shop on Peckham High Street, with eel & pie house written on brick wall overhead
M.Manze pie and mash shop. Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

Possibly one of London’s most famous gaffes for pie, mash and liquor, M. Manze is one spot you should definitely stop at while in Peckham – if for nothing else but for the chance to dine on that famous London meal of jellied eels.

Understandably, jellied eels aren’t for everyone. Its most famous dish is actually pie and mash. So, even if you decide to skip the eels, you’ll be able to find yourself something else delicious to eat.

It’s also one of the oldest establishments in the area, having opened in Peckham in 1927 and been owned by the same family for nearly a century.

Sip the night away at Frank's

Frank’s was one of those places in Peckham we discovered totally by accident. We’d got lost while on our way to meet up with friends for a drink, then spotted the iconic pink stairs of Frank’s and the rest is history…

But what is it? Well, Frank’s is a rooftop bar atop an old industrial building with fantastic views of London. Thanks to this, it is now a firm favourite with locals in London and a great spot to watch the sunset over the city.

Visit in the summer as it stays closed in the chillier winter months.

Yogarise yourself

Street art of a castle on a blue door way behind a yellow sign reading Yoga this way
Yoga this way. Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

After eating and drinking your way through Peckham, your thoughts might turn to exercise, and a great place for this is Yogarise,  just off Rye Lane.

Set in an old industrial building not too dissimilar to Frank’s, Yogarise is the perfect place to re-energise, relax and get yourself ready to explore even more of Peckham.

Head to a local picture house

Peckhamplex is one of London’s most popular independent cinemas and with a ticket costing just £4.99, it’s easy to see why!

You’d think at that price, you’d probably only get access to films that you’ve never heard of or have very little interest in, but you’d be wrong. Peckhamplex serves up blockbuster films alongside more independent offerings, so you won’t be stuck for choice here at all.

Gorge on brunch at Peckham Refreshment Rooms

We found this gem using our “cake goggles”, having no idea at the time how much of a favourite it was with locals. We were just hungry, saw the cakes and decided to pop in!

It turns out Peckham Refreshment Rooms is one of the area's best spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner – and a particular favourite for brunch.

We started off with cakes and coffees, before deciding we couldn’t resist the menu and dove right into bubble and squeak, eggs, and one amazing ham and cheese sandwich.

Grab a coffee from Brick House Sourdough Bakery and Cafe

Exterior of Brick House Bakery and Cafe in Peckham
Brick House Bakery and Cafe. Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

Right next to Peckham Refreshment Rooms is the fantastic Brick House Sourdough Bakery and Cafe. It’s definitely worth popping in for the carb fix that you not just need, but absolutely deserve!

We’ve always had a thing for bakeries - the smell is incredible! And there aren’t that many opportunities to go into a bread bakery in London as you’d think, so to have such easy access to an amazing one like this is something you absolutely shouldn’t miss when you’re in Peckham.

Discover south London's street art

street art in Peckham by corrugated iron building
Peckham street art. Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

Peckham is quickly gaining a reputation for being a creative hub, with street art being no exception. While wandering the smaller alleys and nooks around Rye Lane, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some local artists' works that don the walls around the neighbourhood.

If street art isn’t your thing, pop into the local galleries like MOCA London or the Copeland Gallery ( a space which hosts regular exhibitions) to indulge in some of the best contemporary art in the area.

Visit a local microbrewery

One fun spot totally worth rounding up your friends for is the Brick Brewery! It's one of those passion projects that grew out of the creator Ian’s love for all things hops. Spurred on by his friends, he's created what we have today; a fun place to spend an evening or afternoon.

It doesn’t really matter what your tastes are when it comes to beer, there’s a fair amount of variety here so you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes (or indeed, your mood).

Explore Peckham Levels

Peckham Levels written on red brick wall
Peckham Levels. Image courtesy of Hand Luggage Only

Peckham Levels is set within a converted multistorey car park that’s filled with all sorts of restaurants, eateries and artistic spaces.

Make sure to pop into West for the best brownies, Near and Far for their epic cocktails, Lords of Poké to build your own poké, and Nandine for some tasty Kurdish dishes.

It’s the perfect place to start a night out in town with food and drinks, before heading off to Frank’s for a cocktail.