Carole Rocton

landscape photo of a long, dark brown haired lady wearing a brown coat and scarf, standing smiling in front of St Martins Theatre

Carole Rocton

Content Executive

Originally from France, Carole has been with Visit London since 2022, and London has been her home for almost a decade. She has never looked back since stepping off the plane. After graduating from the University of London with a degree in Journalism and Media, it only made sense for her to write about her favourite city in both English and French.


Specialising in theatre, she lifts the curtain on the magical performances in the West End, but that's not all. When not immersed in the world of musicals, Carole finds refuge in East London's cosy coffee shops, where every cup tells a story. She seeks out off-the-beaten-path exhibitions and indulges in the latest foodie haunts, from eclectic street markets to the latest vegan hotspots (Bubala Spitalfields is a favourite).


Diving into the city's lidos, she enjoys the freedom of swimming against an urban backdrop. When not underwater, she manages the French-language website for Her love of the French language is blended into London's diverse neighbourhoods, from the cobbled streets of Hampstead Heath village to the grandeur of the West End and the vibrant streets of Shoreditch. Her articles are a portal for French-speaking travellers seeking a taste of London's unique charm.