Queen Elizabeth II

Learn about the remarkable life and service of Britain's longest reigning monarch in London.
Queen Elizabeth II smiles while waving during an event
Queen Elizabeth II. Credit: Shutterstock. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Pay your respects to Queen Elizabeth II and reflect on her historic reign in London.

Honour the life and reign of the Queen

Pay tribute to the late Queen and find out more about her life by visiting royal venues in and around London.

Head to Windsor Castle, rumoured to be Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite residence. Here, you can see the State Apartments and step inside St George’s Chapel, where the late Queen’s committal service took place.

Take in the splendour of Westminster Abbey, which hosted Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, wedding and state funeral.

Visit Kensington Palace, where the late Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, and grandsons, the Prince of Wales (William) and the Duke of Sussex (Harry), once lived.

Examine treasures from the Royal Collection at The King’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Learn about the soldiers who guarded Queen Elizabeth II during ceremonial occasions dressed in their iconic red and blue uniforms at the Household Cavalry Museum.

How old was the Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II lived to be 96 years old. She was the first British monarch to reach the Platinum Jubilee milestone, a celebration of being on the throne for 70 years.

When was the Queen's birthday? 

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April 1926. Each year, the late Queen celebrated her official birthday in June with the Trooping the Colour parade in central London.

Where did the Queen live?

The spectacular Buckingham Palace was the official London residence of the late Queen.

The late monarch also resided at Windsor Castle, which is one of the oldest and largest occupied castles in the world. 

When was the Queen crowned?

Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne on 6 February 1952 at 25 years old.

The late Queen was crowned on 2 June 1953 in a grand coronation ceremony steeped in hundreds of years of tradition at Westminster Abbey

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