What is London’s Burning?

Discover what the 1666 Great Fire of London means today through the vision of contemporary artists, writers and thinkers.

At the heart of the Great Fire 350 commemorations sits London's Burning, a festival of art and ideas, produced by Artichoke (who also brought Lumiere London and The Sultan's Elephant to the city).

London's Burning brings the Square Mile and surrounding area to life with a series of art installations, performances, talks and tours that will give a modern perspective on a significant moment in the country's history.

Artichoke have worked with founding sponsorship from the City of London Corporation and major support from Arts Council England.

What's on at London's Burning?

Find out what's happening during the London's Burning festival by exploring the options below.

Events and Installations

London 1666 - watch as a wooden interpretation of the London landscape during the Great Fire is set alight on the river Thames.

Fire Garden - set amongst the gardens of Tate Modern, this warm, glowing, living sculpture park shows just how beautiful fire can also be.

Holoscenes - watch actors go about their daily lives whilst submerged in a tank of water.

Dominoes - have you ever wanted to see a 7km chain of breezeblocks topple along the streets of London? Well, now's your chance.

Fires of London - witness St Paul's Cathedral and the National Theatre in a whole new light, and colour, in the night sky.

Of All the People in All the World - visit this traditional London setting for a moving, and yet playful, art installation based on statistics.

Fire Food Market - fire and food are intrinsically linked and this pop-up street food event has plenty of delicious options to discover.

Talks and Tours

Art and Crisis - join artist Lars Jan, Helen Marriage (Artistic Director of Artichoke) and Judith Knight (co-Director of ArtsAdmin) for lunch and open discussion.

Fire: Threat and Saviour - watch five speakers each share their thoughts on the Great Fire of London for 15 minutes each.

When Things Go Wrong - be part of a open discussion about catastrophe and the psychology of crisis and mass emergency behaviour.

Fear: From Neuroscience to Novels - what part does fear play in the way we anticipate risk and respond to danger?

The Great Fire of London in Three and a Half Pints - take a themed tour around the City of London with experts and tour guides, and stop off for a drink along the way.

Great Fire 350 on Radio 4 - from following Artichoke as they plan the London's Burning festival, to Nicholas Kenyon’s investigation into London’s response to crisis, enjoy unique perspectives on the Great Fire of London.

Pepys: After the Fire - imagine the life of Samuel Pepys once the fire was over in this BBC Radio 4 play.

When does London’s Burning Take Place?

London's Burning takes place in or near The City of London, at various locations from 30 August to 4 September.

Download the full programme of London's Burning events which includes a handy map to navigate your way around the City of London between the events and installations.

Follow the #GreatFire350 and #LondonsBurning hashtags on Twitter so you can see what's going on during the week as it happens.

How do I Get to London's Burning?

Plan your visit to London’s Burning and Great Fire 350 using our helpful guide.