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London: A City of Contrasts

Historic & Modern

London thrives on its diversity; treasuring thousands of years of history while embracing creativity

Popular & Cutting Edge

London loves pop culture and nowhere does big shows like the West End. There's also plenty of room for emerging talent, niche interests and innovation

Luxury & Best Bargains

You can enjoy world-class shopping in London no matter what your budget - from the latest designer labels to vintage bargains

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Cycling Tours

Gliding through the city with the wind in your hair, a cycling tour is a refreshing way to see London

Historic and Modern London Tour

Enjoy a whistle stop tour of London’s famous monuments, both historic and modern from the comfort of your seat.

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Diwali in London

Celebrate the Festival of Lights at the fun-filled Diwali event on London's iconic Trafalgar Square. 12 Oct

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