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24 October 2015
di Meike B.

There was a time when the nightclub under the Westway was easy to find ... you could spot the queues a mile off (before the council fenced off the area linking Portobello with Acklam Road, making this stretch even more of a backwater) ... and when you were rewarded with a great night out for making the effort. "Subterranea" was simply one of the coolest clubs in town, when nightclubs were... Continua

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18 May 2016
di Henri R.

This review is for MORNING GLORYVILLE West as it's held at Mode. I've never been to Mode except early Saturday mornings.

It's a little hard to find, at the end of Portobello Road turn right and you find it.

I do however love this space. It has 2 floors. The main dance floor with an organ that shots out fire and an upstairs that has a balcony that you can look down to the dance floor.... Continua

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16 January 2015
di Jakub S.

First of all, the place is quite hard to find as it is located under A40. But once you know that it should be easy to find ;)

The ambience inside is very classy and depending on the night the music varies from grunge, house, EDM etc. But generally the tunes are approachable.

There is plenty of sitting inside including plush sofas and armchairs. Hint: head to the upper floor for alternative... Continua

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11 September 2015
di Mark T.

My view of Mode is going to be slightly slanted as I was there for a free gig so probably didn't have the complete experience.

I agree with Jakub that it is pretty hard to find. It's practically under the overpass and you have to cut through from the main street to find it. Door staff were friendly and even allowed me back in to get to the toilet before my journey home began.

The drinks were... Continua

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21 July 2015
di Katherine R.

Dreadful music and people. The mixing was shockingly bad, repeats of tunes throughout the night. Total lack of atmosophere.

You will be expected to have photo ID, though due to a lack of punters they allowed us through without.

Drinks are overpriced and sub standard or at best generic, ie. Bulmer's is their cider. Continua

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