Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon
Savour Cantonese specialities at this popular restaurant on Chinatown's buzzing Gerrard Street. Continua


The Golden Dragon is a traditional Chinatown restaurant, serving dim sum by day and Cantonese á la carte options in the evening.

Try some original dim sum dishes, including their signature prawn and melon soup dumplings or steamed walnut buns. The restaurant is also famous for its top-quality duck meat, sourced from Ireland and Lincolnshire, and giant barbecue oven.

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Golden Dragon

28-29 Gerrard Street
+44 (0)20 7734 2763

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6.00 su 5
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4.0 su 5
02 June 2017
di Zean C.

A nice busy chinese restaurant in the heart of China town London. The restaurant is clean - 2 story and full of people dining.

The food is flavorful, priced fairly, but I can tell that they used a lot of MSG. I felt the saltiness and headache after a couple of hours.

The roasted pecking duck was great. And so as the rest of our order. Continua

2.0 su 5
31 May 2018
di Adrian I.

The food was decent here, but man was the service bad.

The waiters don't like to make eye contact with you. The food came out cold and definitely not fresh (felt more like 2 days old). The best part was when we asked to save a chair for a friend around the corner, the waiter told us only if he ordered food, otherwise he could wait outside (there is so much that could be said just on... Continua

4.0 su 5
01 May 2018
di Rashida L.

Try the Ho Fun- it is phenomenal! We also got the vegetarian stir fry with tofu but the tofu was pretty dry. Continua

5.0 su 5
06 December 2017
di Cathryn G.

My husband and I found ourselves wandering around Chinatown shortly after seeing a musical in the West End. Many of the restaurants had menu boards outside. Most of them were open late and we were interested in a snack.

I had a terrible time deciding where to stop. I'm pretty picky about my Chinese food after doing a study abroad in Shanghai a few years ago. However, when we came upon... Continua

2.0 su 5
20 June 2017
di Ashley D.

We stumbled on this place in Chinatown and were hoping to get dimsum, but noticed that they only serve it for lunch sadly. The interior is clean and the menu is expansive with options for everyone.

We ordered the duck, the chow mein, tofu with broccoli, and orange chicken. All of the food was FAR too salty besides the duck which was cooked perfectly. The only thing I would order again would... Continua

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