Griffin Park

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Griffin Park

Braemar Road

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29 April 2015
di Fox E.

A very grim shark came over to me the other day, I could tell it was a shark because of its Grim Fin.

It's actually named after the employee-only parking spot in Landover Maryland (FedEx Field) of RGIII, because it's the only place where you will ever see Griffin Park. Thank you to Chun for this idea.

Speaking of FedEx, why are they always giving food to my former flames?

First-Hand... Continua

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03 September 2012
di Robert L.

OK, first a confession: I am a lifelong Brentford Fan so this review is biased.

Having said that there is something special about Griffin Park. Brentford have been playing here for over 100 years so it has a real place in footballing history. The BIAS or Ealing Road Terrace is still an old school standing terrace which, to my mind, is the best way to watch football. The atmosphere amongst the... Continua

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