Cecil Sharp House

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A world-class dedicated folk arts centre, Cecil Sharp House is at the heart of English folk. Continua


A world-class dedicated folk arts centre, Cecil Sharp House is at the heart of English folk. With a unique history stretching back to 1930, the venue is a memorial to the folk music and dance collector Cecil Sharp.

Vibrant and diverse, Cecil Sharp House exists to serve its wide and diverse audiences - engaging with art lovers (oft times folk art lovers) through unique and inspiring artistic events, and creative learning.

The iconic Grade II listed building is home to the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) and the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, England's national collection of folk music and dance.

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Cecil Sharp House

2 Regents Park Rd
0207485 2206

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4.0 su 5
07 August 2015
di Shaun D.

A beautiful venue with a slightly unusual layout. The gig we went to everyone decided to sit on the floor around the stage but they also have inbuilt seating around the edge and side. So if that was a regular occurrence you may went to get there early to get a cushioned seat. They also have a nice bar and cafe downstairs. They have some good bottled beers which doesn't cost you and arm and a... Continua

4.0 su 5
08 August 2016
di Meike B.

Cecil Sharp House is the official home of English Folk dance and song ... how ironic that I only ever visit when there's no music going on. Usually for the annual Permaculture Festival, I suppose there is an overlap in demographics, but permaculture is more about gardening and sustainable lifestyles than culture. Having said that they also curate a programme of art exhibitions, an... Continua

4.0 su 5
31 January 2014
di Siobhan K.

This is a great place if you like folk music and folk dancing!

Saw Maz O Connor there last night (if you like folk music I'd recommend checking her out, awesome singer/songwriter).

it's an old stately type house. They have a bar and cafe downstairs, where they also sell home made snacks (sausage rolls etc).

There are a few rooms where they hold folk dancing sessions and other events and... Continua

5.0 su 5
30 September 2011
di mackg

who would have though that vaughan williams was friends with cecil sharp! I love vaughan!

scottish dancing here is fab. I want to get married here! Please

Its a must is you love scottish dancing Continua

4.0 su 5
03 January 2014
di Jules H.

I'm only going to this place when its winter and my friend is singing in the choir. I have to say that the cafe in the basement has improved compared to last year. Nice arrangements of cake and biscuits, very decent pasta and a glass of wine. what more do you need to listen to a choir sing sailor sings.

The main room where they were singing has seen better days, but it still in good shape and... Continua

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