Clapham Common

Clapham Common è un'oasi di tranquillità a sud-est di Londra, famosa per le numerose strutture sportive e il bellissimo gazebo. Continua


Rilassati nello splendido Clapham Common, un ampio parco situato a sud-ovest di Londra.

Famoso per le tante strutture sportive, tra cui campi da tennis, da pallacanestro, da cricket e uno skate park, Clapham Common è molto popolare tra la gente del luogo. Prendi un caffé in uno dei tanti bar del parco, e fai una passeggiata intorno ai laghetti.

Il gazebo di Clapham Common è il più grande di Londra, e ospita vari concerti nei mesi più caldi dell'anno.

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Clapham Common

Windmill Drive

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30 July 2014
di Laura Kate S.

Clapham Common is big and green and *there.* Smack in the middle of busy streets and tube stations there is a slight oasis of calm. But I hesitate to give it more than 3 stars as when compared to Battersea Park, Wandsworth Common, or Wimbledom Common (all nearby) it comes up short. Also, it hosts big festivals and then turns to mud and fills the buses and tubes of the region with really... Continua

5.0 su 5
03 May 2013
di Andreas P.

This park is the jewel of the area. It's a middle class cliché with people working out in the mornings, stay-at-home mums taking their kids out to play later on during the day, ladies who lunch and generally people who can afford to live there and love the area.

There's usually something going on - good luck finding a spot on sunny days.

Also if you go, dress up & wear something trendy,... Continua

4.0 su 5
04 September 2012
di Haydy S.

Was here for South West Four music festival, and had such a fantastic time.

There was no trouble and the area was well Policed.

Surrounding area were hospitable, and geared up for all of the festival goers. Continua

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24 April 2014
di Emmie H.

Clapham Common holds a dear place in my heart as I used to walk across it twice a day as a child. Now as a grown up, moved away from home, I always visit Clapham Common when I am in London. With two playgrounds, a dog free area, a paddling pool and two cafes it is frequented largely in the day by mums and their young kids, but the festivals, large open spaces, skate park, tennis courts and two... Continua

4.0 su 5
06 June 2013
di Robert L.

One of London's great open spaces, no summer is complete without at least one day spent sunning yourself on the common. This is a much more open and unrestricted space compared to many of London's parks but then it is a common, which has different laws governing it and is, by definition, supposed to be freely accessible at all times. With Clapham Old Town and High Street nearby there are... Continua

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