Richmond Park

The largest Royal Park in London (1,000 hectares/2,500 acres), it is home to 650 deer. Más información
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A grandes rasgos

Este enorme parque ocupa más de 800 hectáreas de variado paisaje con numerosas rutas para caminatas entre bosques, parque y senderos en las riberas del río. Richmond Park era el antiguo coto de caza de Carlos I y alberga ciervos y otras formas de vida animal.

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Horario de apertura

Horario de apertura

07:30 in the winter. From 07:00 in the summer . Close: Dusk.

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Richmond Park

TW10 5HS
0300 061 2200
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Transporte público:
Tube/Rail: Richmond; Bus: 371, 74, 72, 85.

Opiniones de Yelp

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Las 135 mejores opiniones de Richmond Park

5.0 de 5
31 December 2017
por Carl B.

Vast, magnificent, and, best of all, full of deer. Every visit is a new experience. Más información

5.0 de 5
30 August 2016
por Priya K.

Love love love this beautiful park. Its three times larger than central park, acres of land, and I love how nothing is touched. No grass is mowed, trees are pruned but the rest of it is left as it is. Natural beauty at its finest.

You don't feel as though you're in London, we walked loads, and saw a few deers here and there. Came across a massive lake with little ducklings. It was a perfect... Más información

5.0 de 5
21 July 2013
por Bill C.

Gotta be honest, it has to be that we had a guided tour and they pointed out the deer, the facts and history about the place that makes me like it much more than the Wimbledon Commons. That's the truth.

However, we did see more nature (wildlife) and humans, duckies, fishies etc. Dogs, could have done without, especially the one that scared my wife. But, all in all a great respite from traveling. Más información

5.0 de 5
01 January 2016
por Matt B.

I really like Richmond Park, a slice of the country in south-west London. I primarily visit on my bike as the perimeter road is 12km in length and has a number of elevation changes. This makes is a mecca for middle aged men in lycra on expensive bikes who think that they are Eddy Merckx. I prefer cycling on the dirt track on the edge of the path which is much more relaxed. They do bike hires... Más información

4.0 de 5
28 July 2015
por Jenny M.

Has the hustle and bustle of London left you feeling dazed and out of touch with nature? Richmond Park is wonderful therapy.

When I'm lucky, my corgi takes me on walks here and it's quite nice. Be sure to bring your walking shoes, maybe a small picnic basket and remember to charge your phone to take some grand deer pics! This park is huge and always scattered with people and their pets. Like... Más información

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