Rellik is situated at the foot of the Trellick Tower on Golbourne Road, just next to Portobello Road. It was opened in 1999 by three partners, Fiona Stuart, Claire Stansfield and Steven Philip who met while running their own successful market stalls on Portobello Road. Más información

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Rellik is a unique and independently owned vintage boutique stocking clothing and accessories ranging in style and content from the 1920s to the mid 80s.

Designers include Vivienne Westwood; Alaia; Bill Gibb; Comme des Garcons; Christian Dior; Pierre Cardin; Malcolm Mclaren; Pucci; Punk; Ossie Clark; Rachel Auburn; Thea Porter; YSL and Yohji Yammamoto to name but a few. With three individual approaches to vintage, the shop offers a varied and diverse selection to cater to many tastes.

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8 Golborne Road
W10 5NW
+44 (0)20 8962 0089
Transporte público:
Westbourne Park, Underground

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12 August 2017
por Kathy C.

Arrived at 5:30PM on a Saturday and was told the shop staff all needed to catch the train and that since nobody makes a purchase in under an hour, they were closing the shop even though their official closing time is 6PM. Other shops that I've visited will stay open longer if customers are present. This shop apparently operates differently. The location is also in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. Más información

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17 November 2008
por Zoe H.

Rifling through the rails at Rellik reminds me of going through my mum's wardrobe when I was a little girl. There are some amazing outfits ranging from 1970s Halston dresses, 1980s Vivienne Westwood dresses, sequinned tops from the disco era and lots more.

The shop is quite compact so it's quite easy to go through each rail and marvel at the fashion gems. The accessories are also spectacular-... Más información

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22 April 2008
por Kazangers

I have to say I don't agree with sar23s, apart from the questionable location. However, what isn't mentioned in the previous review is that most of the items sold here are designer vintage pieces including a hugh amount of vintage Vivienne Westwood which is all pulled out every Saturday. So if it's Westwood you're interested in, wait to go on that day. Maybe compaired to other vintage... Más información

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05 November 2011
por Ashley V.

Posh Vintage Boutique. They buzz you in! oooooh.

Some great looking things.

Lots and lots of designer stuff.

Which means reeeeeediculously high prices for a girl like me.

sigh.... Más información

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17 November 2013
por k j a.

I sold Rellik a collection of designer gowns that in my very casual new lifestyle I shall not wear. The store accepts only high quality designer clothing for which they pay, I think, a very fair price. It pleases me to think that someone will enjoy those gowns rather than buried in a wardrobe. The stock is tremendous BTW. Más información

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