Exmouth Market

Exmouth Market is a weekly street market on Fridays and Saturdays. En savoir plus

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Exmouth Market is a weekly street market on Fridays and Saturdays, focusing on offering superior local community shopping, with an emphasis on quality, speciality and variety. The market primarily offers food stalls stocked with a variety of mouth-watering produce - from local and specialist farmers and producers, to small region continental delicacies - as well as a small number of art and craft stalls stocked with individual one-off items and ethically sourced and environmentally friendly goods.

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Exmouth Market

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Exmouth Market
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Angel, Underground

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4.0 sur 5
25 September 2012
par Kevin L.

Small, but mighty! That's Exmouth Market in a nutshell.

It only spans one small block right at the corner of Farringdon and Roseberry and features just a handful of food stands, but each of them wafted mouthwatering scents toward us as we walked past. But really, I didn't even bother looking at any of the rest after I stumbled across the Freebird stand.

It's worth noting that the Exmouth... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
16 March 2011
par Lizzie S.

I ate bannoffee pie here. It was better than sex.

I had to have the box taken away from me as I had my little face licking the cream out of it after I had finished eating. Snuffle, snuffle...

Seriously, where has this market been all my life? I've been to this area many times, I've eaten here many times, I've been drunk here many times but I had not been here while all the market stalls were... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
13 July 2010
par Laura N.

You know when you find the next big thing? That apple of your eye? The product or area or cuisine or dance move (yeah, that's right... dance move, suckas) that is the latest and greatest love of your life? Perhaps you even maven it out so all of your friends literally can predict that the punchline of your current sentence will be the subject of your latest obsession... (not that I know from... En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
09 June 2016
par Daniel F.

I just love this quaint little but perfectly formed street. Pubs, fussball bars, awesome brunch places, pizza, burgers, great tapas, a hidden park behind and it all becomes magical under night lights as people stand on street and eat out. A little gem of a place. And it is also a proper market during the day with street food. En savoir plus

5.0 sur 5
14 July 2017
par Evelyn A.

I've reviewed many of my favourites in Exmouth Market, but never the market itself. How silly of me.

The market is the jewel of Clerkenwell. So many tasty stalls, lovely restaurants, pubs and kitschy shops filled with local characters and tourists mingling in Christmas-light-lit adorableness. It's a special place that isn't in too many guide books, and if you're heading to this area anyway... En savoir plus

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