Admiralty Arch

Marvel the historic Admirality Arch in the heart of Central London on your tour of regal London. Mehr erfahren


Admiralty Arch is an elegant building with arches that provide access to The Mall.

Commissioned by King Edward IIV as a memorial to his late mother Queen Victoria, Admiralty was built in 1910 and was used by Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Mountbatten and other influential figures.

In 2015 Admiralty Arch was transformed into a £100 million Armani hotel.

Located on The Mall in the heart of Central London, gaze in awe at the intricate designs of this historic structure that's only moments away from Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.



Admiralty Arch is not open to the public.

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Admiralty Arch

The Mall


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03 January 2011
von Bruce K.

Beautiful building just off Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch is worthy of a quick stop and pictures from both sides. Built in 1910. The inscription reads "Anno decimo Edwardi Septimi Regis Victoriæ Reginæ cives gratissimi MDCCCCX" which translates to "In the tenth year of King Edward VII to Queen Victoria from most grateful citizens 1910".

Tip: if you can reach it, rub the nose for good luck. Mehr erfahren

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19 June 2015
von Brian H.

Admiralty Arch is a landmark building in London which incorporates an archway providing road and pedestrian access between The Mall, which extends to the South-West, and Trafalgar Square to the North-East. Admiralty Arch is a Grade I listed building. Until recently, the building housed government offices, but in 2012 the government sold a 125-year lease over the building to a property... Mehr erfahren

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30 July 2015
von Ashley S.

The arch is beautiful and in a very scenic location. In fact, I was so amazed by it that I missed Matthew Gray Gubler walking past us (my sisters saw him)! Mehr erfahren

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19 September 2014
von Fiona L.

Every main city has a famous arch! London's famous arch representing is status and achievements is the Admirality Arch standing by the lively Trafalgar Square and on the end of the road leading the majestic Buckingham Palace!!

The gate has three big arches the allow vehicles to pass by, and the enormous gate is covered with intricate designs and patterns showing its importance to the... Mehr erfahren

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18 September 2011
von deenacaunt

This has always been a favourite landmark of mine . It has a lovely imposing presence without seeming at all overblown . I didn't know anything about the the history or function of the place , I had to look it up when I saw that no one had reviewed this important London landmark .

Wikipedia says : Admiralty Arch is a large office building in London which incorporates an archway providing... Mehr erfahren

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