Whitechapel Market


The lively Whitechapel Market in Tower Hamlets sells every speciality Asian ingredient you'll ever need. It's also well stocked with fruit and vegetables, homewares, clothing, flowers and fabrics.

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Whitechapel Market

199-337 Whitechapel Road
E1 1DT
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Whitechapel, Underground


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4.0 von 5
02 April 2011
von Lizzie S.

A bowl of mangoes for a pound? Yes please! So I had a wander through Whitechapel today and it came to my attention that I had not reviewed the market. This wonderful display of London's cultural diversity. Don't come here expecting fine foods and organic wines, you will however uncover yards of sequined fabric and fresh produce that you can't pronounce the name of.

This is a locals market,... Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
10 May 2010
von Zoe K.

After a magnificent experience here, a Yelp review was a must.

I went to get a garage key copied at other lame, unnamed store. After 3 attempts, I was convinced said key was un-duplicatable. BUT WHITECHAPEL KEY MAN, I heart you and your key skills. If only I knew your name. You are small, and do not quite standout amongst the massive clothiers and fruit / veg stalls. Your stall is tiny,... Mehr erfahren

3.0 von 5
20 June 2010
von Irene Z.

I give this market 3 stars. Why?

It's got a lot to offer, but also has the capacity to improve dramatically.

On the plus side, it offers us all the chance to buy relatively cheap fruit, veg and house hold goods.

It could be improved by offering a little more variety of products. If you walk from one end to the other, it's a bit like ground hog day after the first 100 meters. Furthermore, I... Mehr erfahren

2.0 von 5
05 November 2008
von inspirationjunkie

Located adjacent to the bustle and muscle of Whitechapel Tube, the glass facade of the local library and the people passage leading to 'community Mecca' Sainsbury's, Whitechapel Market fits or rather squeezes itself into this tight, uniquely smelling corner of E1.

'Get your fruit and veg for a paaund (sic)' screams the hirsuite Asian street vendor, with a Cockney accent more authentic than... Mehr erfahren

4.0 von 5
21 April 2010
von sean d.

I don't understand why the other reviewers were so down on this lovely bit of commerce on Whitechapel. Where else can you get a box of 10 mangoes for 3 pounds? Maybe in Mexico, amigo. But NOWHERE else in London. Similarly, 3 bunches of coriander (AKA cllantro) for 1 pound? Great prices on exotic foods. And I bet you can bargain, though I've never tried because things are so cheap... Mehr erfahren

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