Icebar London

Made of crystal clear ice from the Torne river in Sweden maintained at minus 5 degrees all year round, Icebar London is the UK’s 'coolest' bar. Mehr erfahren


Reservieren Sie einen Platz, ziehen Sie sich einen Poncho an und genießen Sie einen wunderbar eiskalten Wodkacocktail in der Ice Bar. Alles in dieser Bar, selbst die Barhocker, Tische und Gläser, ist komplett aus importiertem schwedischem Eis gemacht.

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Icebar London

31-33 Heddon Street
+44 (0)20 7478 8910


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10 May 2017
von Jennifer L.

Loved it as much as the one I did in Stockholm. The wild life theme was pretty cool and cocktail was good! Really dig the ICE glass

Really nice place for a fun night out with friends or a cool corporate event.

We had the chance to sample the food and it was quite delicious, didnt expect it to be so tasty. However the free cocktails at the bar (not in the ICE area) were way too sweet... Mehr erfahren

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11 December 2017
von George C.

A unique 45 min experience in central London. You will be provided with a thick coat and attached gloves upon arrival and then you can freely wonder in the ice room. Everything is from ice here; ice bar, ice sculptures which change from time to time and ice glass given for your drinks. Drinks are actually more size-wise of a shot thing, and drinks are more of a juice (rather than an actual... Mehr erfahren

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04 April 2018
von Casey I.

Cool experience but so much smaller than expected. The caps keep you warm enough, especially with the gloves, so that was not a concern.

Weak drinks make the small room even more awkward as people just want to take pictures and leave. They must know people like pictures, and yet the lighting is still terrible. I will say that the drinks are tasty, and overall it's a cool concept, but not... Mehr erfahren

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02 November 2017
von Chantee F.

Being new to town and missing the opportunity to do this elsewhere, I had to give it a try. I'm glad I went but I won't be back.

Having purchased my ticket online I expected to walk right in but instead had to queue with everyone else then get in another line to get the printed receipt to bring in. This added unnecessary time to the process.

As I was part of a larger group we waited until... Mehr erfahren

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09 July 2017
von Stephen K.

Let me start by saying that:

I generally never drink alcohol.

I can count the number of bars I've been in in my entire life on one hand.

I agreed to go because my friend wanted to.

With that said, though, Icebar is one of the most unique, fun, and high-quality establishments I've ever attended! I booked a slot in advance on their web site, which cost around 45 British pounds (per person) for... Mehr erfahren

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