Walking in London

Man and woman walking on a path alongside the river on sunny day
Walking in London is a healthy alternative to public transport. Image credit: Jon Reid.
Get ready to walk London! Walking is a healthy, free and environmentally-friendly way to get around London. Walking means you can beat the traffic while soaking up the view. 
Girl and boy smiling walk side by side over Westminster Bridge in London
Walking in London. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
  • Many landmarks are closer to each other than you might think, so walking can often save time. 

  • The TfL website provides resources for walkers including routes and accessibility information. 

  • London walking tours are a great way to see the capital.

London's bridges provide some of the best views in London if you are on foot.

Travelling within Central London on foot can save time, as many landmark locations are closer to each other than you might think. Ever changed lines to get the Tube between Covent Garden and Leicester Square? Actually they're only five minutes' walk apart!

London is one of the most foot-friendly cities in the world and much has been done to improve London's pedestrian environment. Works include increasing the accessibility of London's streets and more facilities for people with special needs and restricted mobility. 

The TfL website features useful resources for walkers. You can discover leisure routes across the capital, accessibility information, and find out about special walking events.

TfL's online journey planner is a handy tool for London walkers as well as those planning a journey on public transport. Click on the Cycling and Walking tab for those options.

As well as getting around, walking can be a great way to see the sights, either independently or as part of an organised tour. See our page on London Walking Tours to find out more.

Finding your way in London is easier with a pocket atlas, available from any good bookshop or Tourist Information Centre. One of these will make London's complex street network much more navigable. Buy a Collins Pocket Atlas now

Remember that cars drive on the left in the UK, so be careful to look in the correct direction for oncoming traffic when crossing the road. It's always a good idea to know where you're heading and to take the same precautions as you would in any major city.

Mobile applications such as Google Maps are useful tools for finding your way around London, but remember to keep an eye on where you're going and watch out for traffic and other footpath users! See our Top 10 Free London Apps page for suggestions of other great mobile apps to help guide you around London on foot.

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