Bureau de change

Change your money at one of London’s many bureaux de change points.
British £1 coins scattered on white surface.
British £1 coins. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

There are plenty of bureaux de change in London, and many are located at popular transit points, including airports, major train stations, Tube stations, Post Office branches, travel agents and banks. 

Where to find a bureau de change in London

Bureaux de change outlets across the capital assist with changing money.

  • Moneycorp has branches across the city and at London airports, including Gatwick Airport, Southend Airport and Stansted Airport.
  • TTT Foreign Exchange Corporation offers money exchange services at many highly visited locations in the capital, such as Bond Street, Gloucester Road, Oxford Circus and Sloane Street. It also has offices at Tube stations including Knightsbridge.
  • Thomas Exchange gives competitive rates at its branches near Covent Garden, in the City of London and elsewhere.
  • ACE-FX is a London-based money exchange with outlets at London Bridge and Canary Wharf.
  • Post Offices, with hundreds of locations across London, can exchange foreign currency for British pounds.
  • Travelex provides exchange services at its multiple locations, including Selfridges on Oxford Street and Heathrow Airport.

How does a bureau de change work?

Bureaux de change are places where you can exchange one currency for another. You might want to swap your home currency for British pounds, or vice versa. Or you can exchange two foreign currencies, for example US dollars for Euros, at a British bureau de change.

Some bureaux de change will charge customers a commission for exchanging money, while others will not. It is also possible to pre-order currency online prior to arriving at the bureau de change, as is the case with bureaux de change in Post Office branches.

Most bureaux de change will not accept coins.

Why is it called a bureau de change?

The term "bureau de change" is borrowed from French and means "office of exchange".

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