Mobile phones in London

Can't live without your mobile phone? Read our tips on how to conserve costs, stay connected and get the most from your mobile while in London.

If you're visiting London from abroad, don't forget that the UK dialling code is +44 (which replaces the 0) and to check your own country's code before you travel.

Calls and texts

If you are travelling to London from abroad, using your mobile phone may cost you more than it does at home. Roaming charges vary between countries and networks: visitors from other EU countries, for example, will pay:

  • 24p per minute to make a call
  • 7p per minute to receive a call
  • 8p to send a text message (SMS)

Check your network's roaming charges before you travel.

If you are planning to stay in London for a significant period of time, consider buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card when you arrive. These are available from any mobile telephone shop and allow you to make calls and send text messages at the local rate.

Using the internet on your smartphone

Selected Tube stations are also Wi-Fi enabled -Transport for London have details.

If you're using a smartphone to browse the internet and receive emails, be aware that your network will charge you to access this data while you are in London.

Visitors from EU countries, for example, will pay 58p per megabyte of data they use on their phones.

To save money, turn off your data connection before you travel, then head to one of the many internet cafés or venues offering free Wi-Fi when you want to check your messages.

Be aware that while some hotels provide free Wi-Fi, others will charge for this service.