One hour free luggage storage with Luggage Hero

Valid from 12 June 2018 to 30 July 2018

LuggageHero offers 1-hour free luggage storage using any of its 120 luggage storage locations around London. The normal price starts from 1£/hour (2 £ insurance fee per luggage) with a cap at £10/day.


The 1 hour free luggage storage voucher needs to applied at checkout along with the payment.


How to:

  1. Find your location at using the search/find bar

  2. Choose your desired location. (all locations are near major traffic hubs in London)

  3. Book & receive directions

  4. Check-in when arriving to the shop using the link provided when booking

  5. Check-out and submit discount code: WIM to get the first hour for free for all bags stored.

Terms & Conditions

The offer applies from 1 bag and above. Insurance fee will always apply per bag (£2 covering £2200 per bag)