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Best plays in London

London is packed with world-class productions of theatrical dramas. From classic masterpieces to groundbreaking contemporary productions, the London West End caters to all tastes and preferences.
Cast members seated and standing around a man lying on a sofa with shocked expressions on their faces
A cast of comedy characters in The Play That Goes Wrong © See Tickets. Image courtesy of See Tickets.

In addition to musicals and timeless classics, London's theatre scene is also home to innovative and thought-provoking plays. The historic venues, such as the iconic Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, provide a glimpse into the past, allowing you to experience plays in an authentic and atmospheric setting.

Alternatively, contemporary theaters boast state-of-the-art facilities, offering immersive experiences with cutting-edge technology and innovative staging techniques.

Browse and book tickets to some of the best plays in London with these top picks.

The Mousetrap at St Martin’s Theatre

Official poster of the murder mystery play The Mousetrap featuring the name of the author, Agatha Christie, and the name of the play as a red neon sign.
The Mousetrap, longest running theatre play on the West End, is at the St Martin Theatre. Image courtesy of Dewynters.

Head to St Martin's Theatre to see  The Mousetrap, the longest-running play in the world, with its first performance in London dating back to 1952. Written by Agatha Christie, the queen of murder mysteries and creator of some of the greatest detectives in fiction, this is one of the West End's most popular shows. Try to solve the mystery as the plot unfolds, but beware of the usual twists and turns that the author is known for.

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The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre

The cast of The Play That Goes Wrong look startled and ready to jump of stage while a man lies unconscious on a couch.
See The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre, where everything falls appart. Image courtesy of See Tickets.

Described as Fawlty Towers meets Noises Off, laugh along to Mischief Theatre’s hilarious production of The Play That Goes Wrong in London's West End. See actors from an amateur theatre company trying to put together a murder mystery play set in the 1920s. Right from that start, it becomes clear that nothing is going as planned, with props flying off the stage and actors missing their cues. Belly laughs are guaranteed!

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Witness for the Prosecution at London County Hall

Four characters stands in the middle, with one judge, one lawyer, a man wearing a suit, and a women wearing a a black leather outfit.
Cast of Witness for Prosecution at the County Hall, image courtesy of Sam Barker

Experience a gripping courtroom drama as you witness the trial of a man accused of murder in classic Agatha Christie thriller, Witness for the Prosecution. Step inside the magnificent London County Hall and its courtroom set and experience the intensity of a gripping story of justice and betrayal as Leonard Vole tries to convince the jury of his innocence.

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The Crucible at the Gielgud Theatre

A group of women are sitting on chairs placed at the centre of the stage and looking up while being confronted by characters dressed in black.
The Crucible, a timeless and gripping play, comes back to the West End for a limited run at the Gielgud Theatre. Image courtesy of National Theatre Live.

The National Theatre acclaimed new production, The Crucible, is coming to the West End for a limited season with a gripping masterpiece that explores the destructive power of fear within a tight-knit community. As the Salem Witch Trials unfold, the town is thrown into chaos as a group of young girls claim to have been possessed by evil spirits, leading to a wave of accusations.

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Dr Semmelweis at the Harold Pinter Theatre

Official poster of the award winning play Dr Semmelweis showing Mark Rylance in the lead role with some ballet dancers in the background.
See Dr Semmelweis at the Harold Pinter Theatre, an award winning production following one of the greatest pioneers of modern medicine. Image courtesy of SEE Tickets.

See a thought provoking play that explores the life and achievements of a revolutionary doctor, portrayed by Mark Rylance, who challenged the boundaries of modern medecine. Set in the 1800s, follow the true story of Dr Semmelweis, currently playing on the London West End at the Harold Pinter Theatre, and discover a man whose legacy has changed the lives of millions. If you're curious about medical mysteries and the power of persistence, "Dr. Semmelweis" is a must-see!

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My Neighbour Totoro at the Barbican

The cast of my neighbour totoro, dressed in bright clothes, sit in an old truck piled with belongings.
The award winning show My Neighbour Totoro is back at the Barbican Theatre. Image courtesy of SEE Tickets.

See the return of the magical adaptation of the beloved Studio Ghibli anime, My Neighbour Totoro, for a second season at the Barbican Theatre. With whimsical sets, captivating music, and a talented cast, immerse yourself in the heartwarming story of two sisters and their extraordinary encounters with the lovable forest spirit, Totoro.

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