5 Reasons to Want a Thames Speedboat Experience TODAY!

Of all the things to do in London, sightseeing is top of the list.

There’s nothing quite like spotting a famous London landmark – such as Big Ben, the Tower of London or Tower Bridge – for the first time. But so many, so little time! Taking one of the many Thames river cruises or Thames river boat trips that London has to offer is often the best way to capture your favourite sights at a leisurely pace. However, sometimes you just want the intrigue of a London tour and the excitement of a speed boat ride all rolled into one: Thames Jet. Welcome to Baywatch on the river Thames!

If you liked the thrill of The London Helicopter...

Helicopter over the capital! #birdseyeview #london #londonhelicopter

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...you’ll love zooming down the Thames in a military grade jet-powered boat.

If you liked the speed of the Formula E cars racing around Battersea Park...

...you’ll love the twists and turns of a Thames Jet.

If you liked the outstanding sunset when you went Up at The O2...

...you’ll love the same feeling you’ll get when skimming across the Thames.


If you liked the sightseeing bus tour of Central London...

#londoncity #londonbustour #bigben 👭👬👣🚌

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...you’ll love what you’ll see from a Thames Jet.

If you liked walking on the glass floor at the top of Tower Bridge...

...you’ll love jetting underneath it on a Thames Jet.

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