Doctor Who in London

London is packed with thrills for Doctor Who fans. See the iconic locations from the show and shop for Daleks and other Doctor Who memorabilia with our handy guide.


If you love BBC TV show Doctor Who, you'll love seeing where they filmed your favourite episodes. The Doctor visits London regularly, for business and pleasure.

Where has Doctor Who been filmed in London?

The Doctor has been fighting the Daleks in London for years. They made their first trundle across Trafalgar Square in 1964 and took on the Cybermen in Canary Wharf in the 2006 episode Doomsday.

Madame Tussauds appeared in the 1970 story Spearhead from Space, with The Autons hiding killer plastic replicas of famous public figures amongst the waxworks.

In the 1984 story Resurrection of the Daleks, the outside warehouse scenes were filmed at Shad Thames. You can still walk down the street and see the metal bridges above your head. There are no Daleks in Shad Thames today. You're more likely to get some delicious coffee and cake than be exterminated.

Scary aliens love visiting London. They like to lurk below the Thames. The Empress of Racnoss built her lair under the Thames Barrier in an episode in 2006. Check out the Thames Barrier Information Centre to see how the barrier protects London when The Doctor is out of town. The Coca-Cola London Eye doubled as the transmitter for the Nestene Consciousness in the episode Rose (2005). Take a trip on the Coca-Cola London Eye to see London from the sky. The pods are very space age! In order to get to The Eye, in the same episode Rose and The Doctor are forced tom run across the Westminster Bridge.

The scary Cybermen took over Battersea Power Station when they decided to turn the human race into cyborgs. In 1968 and 2014 the Cybermen invaded London and marched down the steps from St Paul's Cathedral. In the most recent series, 3W, the headquarters of the evil Missy and her army of cybermen are based in the lovely St Paul's. A sinister use for one of London's top attractions.

In the episode Closing Time (2011) The Doctor gets a job at House of Fraser in order to track down the Cybermen. Filming took place on the second floor and outside the Hayes Island entrance.

When The Doctor met Shakespeare, they filmed inside Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Travel back in time to Elizabethan London at the theatre and relive the famous David Tennant scene. In the 1993 episode Dimensions in Time, The Doctor tracked the Rani's TARDIS to the Queen's House in Greenwich.

Even the most upmarket addresses in London have featured in Doctor Who. Buckingham Palace narrowly missed being hit by the Spaceship Titanic in the 2007 Christmas special Voyage of the Damned. The Slitheen infiltrated 10 Downing Street. After their evil plans were foiled by the Doctor, fictional Prime Minister Harriet Jones took over, followed by Harold Saxon (John Simm's incarnation of the villainous Master).

In 2013 The Doctor visited UNIT's secret vault, the Black Archives hidden in HM Tower of London. There is no public access to the Black Archives, but you can see the Crown Jewels and explore the life of Henry VIII, the Tenth Doctor's father-in-law! In the same year, there was an appearance of the National Gallery in the 50th anniversary episode.

Doctor Who Tour of London

Visit even more locations from the show and enjoy a guided walking tour with a Doctor Who walking tour of London. You can even dress up if you want to take photos at iconic filming locations!

Doctor Who Conventions

The Doctor Who Festival in London takes place in November, last year it was at the ExCel London. There are also plenty of smaller conventions and regular book signings happening in the capital throughout the year. Doctor Who fans can also gather on the first Thursday of every month in the College Arms, Store Street, where fans get a once-a-month opportunity to hear and debate news and gossip, exchange ideas and natter with fellow "whovians".

Day Trips to Wales

Much of the filming of Dr Who also takes place in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Take a day trip to Wales from London and see many of the sights where the current series of Dr Who is being filmed along with the Dr Who Experience, the BBC's thrilling family attraction.

Where to Spot a TARDIS in London

There's a blue police phone box parked near Earl's Court Station. Keep your eyes open and you might see a Dalek!

Shop for Doctor Who Toys in London

If you're looking for Doctor Who DVDs, books and toys, make sure you visit The Who Shop, a dedicated Doctor Who shop and museum in Upton Park. You will also find Doctor goodies at Forbidden Planet and Hamleys.