Dining igloos overlooking London's skyline at sunset.

Best pubs and bars in London

Find the right drinking spot to suit your mood with our guide to the best bars and pubs in London. Sun yourself at a rooftop bar or in outdoor bars and beer gardens; enjoy the views from a riverside pub; sip on classic and quirky creations at cocktail bars; or watch your favourite team at a sports bar.

London is home to a vibrant pub and bar scene, with plenty of options to choose from!

The historical charm of pubs in London is unrivalled; you can enjoy a pint in a pub steeped in centuries-old histories, oozing with character and charm. Some of the best pubs in London host live music, comedy nights and other events.

If you're seeking a memorable night out, why not visit some of the best bars in London? The city is a treasure trove of trendy and quirky bars, serving up a range of cocktails, small plates and many with their own DJs creating a fun party atmosphere.

Whether you're looking for a cosy corner or a lively atmosphere, London has something for everyone.

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