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London Eats: Asma Khan's favourite London food

Asma Khan, chef proprietor behind Darjeeling Express, shares some of her top places for food and drink in London.
Asma Khan is smiling and posing for a portrait in her restaurant.
Meet Asma Khan, proprietor at Darjeeling Express and cookbook author. Image courtesy of Asma Khan

Asma Khan is an Indian-born British chef and owner of Darjeeling Express in Covent Garden. She has written cookbooks and also starred in Netflix's Chef's Table – making her the only British chef so far to have been featured!

Find out about some of Asma's favourite foodie spots in London in this exclusive interview for the Let's Do London campaign. 

Where's the first place you’re heading to when indoor hospitality reopens?

I really want to go to Holborn Dining Room. I just want to sit in the beautiful space and eat a pie.

Anywhere new that’s opened or that you haven't been to yet that you're excited to try?

Din Tai Fung, I’ve never been able to get a table before and it's just down the road from me, so that's where I want to go.

Where do you go for coffee and what’s your order?

I’m more of an ice cream person – I go to Amorino in Covent Garden. They make their ice cream shaped like a rose, and they always give me a free macaroon because I go so often.

Your sit down lunch spot of choice?

I would go to Oka in Kingly Court, its salmon with cashew nuts is so good. It's a little-known Japanese place with the best food ever.

What about if you have to grab and go?

I would go to Maison Bab, also close to me, for its paneer wrap which I love.

When was the last time you went for afternoon tea?

I went to The Connaught the year before last and it was unbelievable. It seems crazy that we haven't been able to go anywhere in such a long time. 

What dish have you been craving that you couldn’t get delivered or recreate at home?

I had a fabulous meal at The Ritz and I’ve tried to recreate their crepe suzette, but have failed completely so far. It's all about the drama, when they bring the trolley to your table and they set it on fire – it's incredible to watch.

What’s your favourite table?

It is at A.Wong, we always sit where we can see the kitchen. Andrew is always at the pass and I love watching the kitchen while we are eating.

I love the fact that you can see straight into the chefs – there’s a rhythm and a beat to the way they work which I can hear. There’s a song which they’re all singing in their head and you can hear the beat.

Andrew is always happy, smiling and talking with his guests; it’s wonderful to watch.

Do you have a pre or post-theatre spot?

Anywhere in Kingly Court is perfect for a pre-theatre dinner.

What restaurant experience have you missed most?

I have missed being able to eat with someone who is not in my own family. I want to share a meal with friends, it's been such a loss. I love to talk about food and restaurants, not just about what we’re eating, but memories and discussions. I’ve really missed that a lot.

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