Best 21 immersive experiences in London

Stimulate your senses with these incredible immersive experiences in London.
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A man in a multicoloured LightBox playing an interactive immersive game
Transport yourself into another reality at Immersive Gamebox © Idea Farm. Image courtesy of Idea Farm.

From immersive theatre and dining to art shows and experiences battling aliens, discover a world reimagined with these unique multi-sensory activities.

Immersive experiences for friends and families

1. Shrek's Adventure! London

Laugh out loud as you join Shrek’s exhilarating adventure and prepare for surprises as you walk through Shrek’s Adventure! London. Expect the unexpected and enjoy interaction with a cast of characters as you and the kids become part of the story in this immersive attraction.

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2. The London Dungeon

A scared man sitting in a chair while another man in medieval costume tortures him

Face your fears as you enter the spine-chilling torture chamber at The London Dungeon and be terrified by thrilling rides and shady characters from London’s past. 

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3. The London Bridge Experience

Be spooked by Jack the Ripper as you travel back in time and discover London Bridge’s gruesome history from Roman to modern times at The London Bridge Experience.

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4. Monopoly Lifesized

a woman throwing a large dice in front of a group of children and adults.

Jump into the life-sized Monopoly board for an immersive gaming experience. Race against the clock and your pals to buy up all the expensive property with your hard-earned Monopoly money. Challenge yourselves to make the right move and stay out of jail!

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Two people playing in a ball pit full of multi-coloured balls at SENSAS

Put your instincts and senses to the test, as you take on exciting challenges in complete darkness at SENSAS, a unique multi-sensory immersive experience in Vauxhall. Dive into the colourful ball pit or ride the tube upside down in the Anti-Gravity room - all for a good cause, as SENSAS supports local charity Disability Snowsport UK that helps people with disabilities.

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Immersive magical experiences

6. The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

A computer-generated image of the entrance to The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition, showing a lady with two children, a blue wall with the name of the exhibition and a car and pieces of paper suspended in the air.

Relive Harry Potter’s first day at Hogwarts with never-before-seen images capturing the magic behind the scenes of the iconic film series at The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition. Savour a Butterbeer or two at London’s only bottled Butterbeer bar or ride a broomstick over London as you explore the wonders of the wizarding world.

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7. Immersive potion making class at The Cauldron

The potion master demonstrate cocktail making with fire surrounding his hands in front of two women very impressed by the trick.

Take a seat around your cauldron, as your concoction from various ingredients bubbles away. The potion master guides you through each of the two molecular cocktail recipes combining science and smoke... just watch out for explosions! This masterclass for wizard apprentices transports you to a magical world for 45 minutes.

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Immersive theatre

8. The Gunpowder Plot

Experience one of the most daring conspiracy plots in British history, as you join the legendary Guy Fawkes and play your part in The Gunpowder Plot at Tower Vaults.

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9. Punchdrunk's The Burnt City

Explore the world of performance and imagination with an immersive theatre experience at Punchdrunk's The Burnt City. Based on the fall of Troy, step into a mythical world of gods and mortals.

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10. Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience

A man standing in front of a blue light from above in a forest

Travel through time and space and encounter a mighty Martian invasion at Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds immersive theatre show. Feel the ground shake as you battle with aliens and be mind-blown by incredible scenery, virtual reality and amazing 5D-effects at this multi-sensory experience.

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11. Tomb Raider: The Live Experience

Bring out your inner Lara Croft as you take on epic challenges in an action-packed adventure at Tomb Raider: The Live Experience at Camden Market. Become immersed in the expedition as you climb, run and zip line your way through unique locations such as the snowy climes of Finland and the Costa Rican jungle.

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12. Peaky Blinders: The Rise

The cast of Peaky Blinders The Rise on stage all wearing 1920s clothing, with the actor portraying Tommy Shelby at the centre.

Journey back to the 1920s with the thrilling immersive theatre show Peaky Blinders: The Rise at Camden Garrison. Based on the much-loved crime series, you'll be able to step into the Shelby family's surroundings and interact with the famous characters as you plot to take over London.

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Immersive exhibitions

13. Jurassic World: The Exhibition

A group of people are waiting to pass through the gates to access the exhibition with dinosaurs standing on the side.

Don't miss Jurassic World: The Exhibition where you can see dinosaurs come to life! Watch out for the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex as you explore this immersive exhibition and interact with life-sized prehistoric creatures. Expect to be thrilled by this roarsome experience of sounds, sights and scares, inspired by the famous film series Jurassic Park. Until 3 Nov

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14. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience 

Van Gogh's paintings are projected against the walls, with visitors experiencing the vision of the artist.

Travel back in time and walk through Van Gogh's various works of art in this breathtaking experience combining 360-degree video technology with the artist's most famous works. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience let's you discover a new way to see Van Gogh's paintings that will literally come to life before your eyes, making this one of the must-see experiences in London.

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Immersive gaming

15. DNA VR

Get together with buddies at DNA VR and delve into multiple virtual worlds to battle ninjas and fight dragons. Discover 30 inspiring themes, from kids’ games to boxing, zombie shooting and VR escape rooms. Lose yourself in this truly immersive virtual reality gaming experience.

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16. Immersive Gamebox

A male and female group in a multicoloured LightBox playing an interactive immersive game.

Get active and escape from reality inside an interactive video game, with Immersive Gamebox. Bond with your besties as you go on a digital adventure and become immersed in high-energy games and challenges within luminous LightBoxes.

Immersive dining and drinking

17. Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Feast on a three-course meal served by Faulty Towers' Basil, Sybil or Manuel and wonder what could possibly go wrong… From hilarious antics to classic chaotic scenes, comedy fans will laugh out loud at this immersive dining experience, bringing to life one of the nation's best-loved sitcoms.

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18. Mamma Mia! The Party

Dancing queens get ready for a night to remember! Be transported to an exotic Greek Island and prepare for a feast of Mediterranean food at Mamma Mia! The Party an immersive restaurant experience. Feel the beat of the tambourine as you dance and sing along to ABBA’s greatest hits at The O2.  

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19. Supperclub Tube

Put the fun back into commuting and travel back to 1967 on Supperclub Tube for a unique dining experience on a decommissioned and refurbished Victoria line Tube train. No need to worry about rush hour as you’re guaranteed a seat for a Latin-American inspired six-course tasting menu.

20. The Murdér Express

Embark on a journey on glamourous 19th-century-style train The Murdér Express, en route to the fictional town of Murdér. Come face to face with a cast of characters as you sip cocktails from the Seven Sins Bar and feast on a four-course meal as the story unfolds around you. 

21. Alcotraz

Discover why no one escapes from Alcotraz in this immersive drinking experience. Don your orange jumpsuit and smuggle in liquor under the watchful eye of the prison warden. Serve time for your crime while inmates mix you up something special. Enjoy an illicit drink before plotting your escape!

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