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Hear Me Howl at Landor Space

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From Lights Down Productions comes HEAR ME HOWL-a one woman,rowdy as hell piece of gig-theatre like no other. The clock's ticking, these knickers are itching, and I've been scratching a spot on my chin that really wasn't ready to be tampered with yet. But I'm nervous, alright? I've got my first gig tonight. As in, me. On stage. Not pissed. Not on karaoke at four AM wearing a bridesmaid's sash, but as part of an actual, real life band. I'm not talking about trombones and trumpets either. I mean the cool kind. Guitar, the other longer guitar that I think they call 'Bass' and, of course, the foundation of it all... Drums! Yeah you got me.. I don't know much about music. Well I didn't, before. Before this new version of the world. Before this new version of me. Jess is turning 30 and she's just discovered punk. Some might say punk is dead, others would say she should really stick to the day job, but the resounding concern is: shouldn't she be concentrating on settling down by now? Jess tells her story from behind and with the aid of a drum kit before her first gig and defiant, with drumsticks in hands, she lurches into an unknown future, one where she throws convention to the wind, and questions how much autonomy those with a womb really do have, here in the western world. HEAR ME HOWL addresses the still taboo subject of a woman's choice to remain childless. While there have been many plays that have explored the trouble women have to conceive, we've noted the lack of shows about women who choose not to have children. We want to shed light on this, to encourage discussion & greater acceptance of women who make this unrepresented choice. This is the first play from Lights Down Productions run by producer Caley Powell, who set up the company to promote women in theatre. She chose this play to be her first play with her company as someone who has never wanted children, the taboo issues this play deals with is very close to her heart and she feels it's important to get a play like this out into the world. The play is written by Lydia Rynne, one of Soho Theatre Writer's Alumni and currently one of ten screenwriters at the National Film and Television School and directed by Kay Michael of Empty Deck Theatre and current Resident Assistant Director at Theatre Royal Plymouth. We have been given 4 performances at the Landor Space as a work in progress showing as part of their inaugural season.

Venue Details & Map

The Landor Theatre

70 Landor Road
+44 (0)20 7737 7276

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