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BulletBoys at The Underworld


The BulletBoys began as a collection of talented musicians from other bands. Coming from the ranks of King Kobra and Ratt, the Bul-letBoys were able to quickly capture the attention of music fans around the world. Frontman Marq Torien emerged as one of the most underrated vocalists of the era. Guitarist Mick Sweda, Lonnie Vincent and drummer Jimmy D'Anda formed the core of the BulletBoys. Te self-titled debut BulletBoys, launched in 1988, was destined to be an instant success. Single "Hard as a Rock" became a fan favorite and was a hard-driving track. Te thumping rock was continued with "Kissin' Kitty" and "F#9". Escaping the trends of most bands of the era, the Bullet-Boys did not include a power ballad on their album. Instead, BulletBoys kept the Rock and Blues coming with hit single "Smooth Up in Ya". Cover of the old Blues song "For the Love of Money" was another hit. Te Bullet-Boys established themselves as the leaders of Party Rock. Lead singer Marq Torien quickly drew comparisons to David Lee Roth. Not only did they share similar vocal styles, but Marq Torien also brought the crazy energy and showmanship of Diamond Dave to live au-diences every night. With the success of BulletBoys, the band secured a coveted touring spot opening for Bon Jovi. Other tours paired the Bul-letBoys with Ozzy Osbourne and eventually led to huge headlining tours. Te hits and tour led to BulletBoys going platinum. Te long touring schedule kept the BulletBoys from the recording studio for years. 1991's Freakshow. Keeping the driving Hard Rock alive and with Marq Torien's banshee screams in full force, the BulletBoys were ofcially back. "Talk to Your Daughter" became a radio and fan favorite. "Trill Tat Kills" and "Hang on St. Christopher" were also big-time favor-ites and could be heard bursting from car stereos all over the country. Te BulletBoys continued to tour and release records through the Grunge era and past the Nu-Metal era. Greatest Hits: Burning Cats and Amputees reunited the BulletBoys' original lineup temporarily in 2000. Te 2007 release Behind the Orange Curtain was well received by critics and fans. Te BulletBoys will light an audience on fre when ever the per-form. This Chicago area band is best known for their charting singles "Fly High Michelle", "New Thing" and "Baby Loves You". Enuf Z'Nuf have continually recorded and toured throughout their career of more than 25 years, releasing 12 studio albums and a total of 19 CDs to date. Their songs have been recorded by several other musicians, some of which include Paul Gilbert of MR BIG, The Wildhearts and Nelson. The band have a cult fan-base around the world which includes Radio/TV personality Howard Stern. It was the summer of 1989, and in came a strutting, loud, and proud Enuf Z'nuf. With the re-lease of the band's self-titled debut album, the frst single "New Thing" quickly tore up the radios air-waves, and became a favorite in heavy rotation on MTV. In response to both its national and interna-tional success, the band followed up "New Thing" in 1990 with the release of the bittersweet rock bal-lad "Fly High Michelle". The song immediately el-evated the band to gold status and in 1991 had Roll-ing Stone magazine naming Enuf Z'nuf as "one of the more exciting and gifted bands on the scene today." Still a major force after 20 albums, Enuf Z'nuf has gone on to earn a legion of loyal fans, and has earned the respect and acclaim of its peers and contemporaries.


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The Underworld Camden

174 Camden High Street
+44 (0)20 7482 1932

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