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Anarchy Near the UK - Bill Balaskas In Anarchy near the UK (2016), Balaskas exposes a world in which spectacle has replaced facts, and populist rhetoric has replaced critical thought. The artist has created a "paper embroidery" by cutting out all the news stories on the front page of the Sun newspaper of 25th January 2016, leaving intact only the headline and its reference to anarchy. By juxtaposing this dramatic headline with material representations of other stories from that day, Balaskas highlights the absurdity of today's post-truth world. What is the real anarchy after all? In so doing, Balaskas replicates one of the key strategies of situationism: detournement, or turning the media culture of capitalism against itself, an idea adopted by the punk movement of the 1970s. DO nothing - Jaione Cerrato and Jon Halls Through the deployment of a 'DO nothing' signpost, Cerrato and Halls draw on the historical purpose of a signpost as a means of orientation, a meeting place and a mean of communication. In our accelerating world, we don't have time to reflect. The artists have created a 'DO nothing' space that challenges this: that allows people to stop, to orient themselves with their own future and thoughts. While 'DO nothing' implies passivity, in fact the idea of actively pursuing doing nothing, requires the individual to act contrary to the contemporary standard. [Manipulated_Painting#7] - Soa J.Hwang [Manipulated_Painting] is a series of interactive paintings in which the artist explores how computational technology can change the relationship between the viewer and the painting. Built in a game engine, the paintings are programmed to respond to the presence of an audience through various sensors, exploring the meaning of visual truth and how we each see things that are in front of us. Project Antioch - Matt Parker In 2015 Apple Distribution International applied for planning permission to build 8x 24,505m? single storey data centre buildings in a forest just outside the small town of Athenry, County Galway, Ireland. For two years objectors held off the construction on this site codenamed 'Project Antioch'. Following a year of fieldwork, the artist has created a two part sound installation exploring the physical impact of data and the socio-economic impact on communities in Ireland, through a machine learning algorithm. Fall of the House of Usher - Anna Ridler Fall of the House of Usher is an animation based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe, where each still image is generated by artificial intelligence. The work looks at the role of the creator, the interplay between art and technology, and also aspects of memory. It is a copy of a copy (film) of the original (book); accordingly, things appear and disappear, are remembered or misremembered or mis-imagined and it calls into question our ability to recall one perfect version. Pulau Banda - Marta Velasco Velasco Until the 19th century, the Banda Islands --a tiny archipelago in today's Indonesia-- were the world's only source of nutmeg, the "Holy Grail of Spices", and a symbol of luxury and prestige. In their urge to keep the nutmeg monopoly, the Dutch, who controlled all islands except from Run, agreed to cede Manhattan (back then called New Amsterdam) to the English in return for it. Pulau Banda plays with fact, fiction and storytelling exploring new ways of telling this story.

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Watermans Arts Centre

40 High Street
+44 (0)20 8232 1010

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