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Keats And Milton: Paradise Lost at Keats House


A new exhibition which shows the admiration of one of the greatest writers of all time for another opens in London this December. Keats and Milton: Paradise Lost explores Romantic poet John Keats's own words and thoughts about Milton's poetry, to reveal the impact it had on his own work. Keats and Milton: Paradise Lost runs from 6 December 2017 to 14 October 2018 at Keats House, the Georgian villa in which Keats lived and wrote his greatest and most celebrated work. The exhibition illustrates the ways in which John Milton's concerns mirrored Keats's own. Milton was a towering literary figure to Keats. Milton's poem about the fall of Adam and Eve, Paradise Lost, for many the greatest epic poem in English, was a powerful influence on Keats and his fellow Romantic poets. The impact of Milton's dense visual and rich sensuous imagery is evident in Keats's own epic poems, Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion. At the heart of the exhibition is an object riddled with clues and evidence of Milton's influence on Keats; Keats's own copy of Paradise Lost, one of his most important surviving books, is a rich source of information on Keats's thoughts, as it is packed with his handwritten notes and emotional reactions. In the 19th century, this 'marginalia' was considered an important form of literary expression and a route to understanding literary works and sharing views about them. Keats's extensive notes reveal an intense study of Milton at a time of his life and career when he was particularly receptive to learning from the finest of their craft. The exhibition's examination of Keats's notes reveals patterns of thought, influential subjects and imagery which can be detected in Keats's work. Specifically, Keats is drawn to themes of loss, suffering and mortality. He highlights Eve's sadness when leaving Paradise and notes passages about separation from loved ones - a dominant feature in Keats's own life.


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Keats House

10 Keats Grove
+44 (0)20 7332 3868
Public transport:
Hampstead Heath: turn right on South End Green and then left to Keats Grove. Belsize Park: Turn right on Haverstock Hill, then right on Pond St, left on South End Green.

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