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Editor-in-chief of British GQ Dylan Jones Savile Row

From evolving young talent, to established world class designers and heritage brands – if you want a unique tailoring experience, you have to come to London. Dylan Jones, editor-in-chief of British GQ and chairman of the London Collections:Men fashion show believes there is no better place to shop. Watch and share Dylan’s passion for men’s fashion as he reveals the style secrets of the home of menswear.

About Savile Row

Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, central London, known for traditional men's bespoke tailoring.

The term "bespoke" as applied to fine tailoring is understood to have originated in Savile Row, and came to mean a suit cut and made by hand.

In 1846, Henry Poole, later credited as the creator of the dinner jacket or tuxedo, opened an entrance to his tailoring premises at 32 Savile Row. In 1969, Nutters of Savile Row modernised the style and approach of traditional Savile Row tailoring; a modernisation that continued in the 1990s with the arrival of designers like Richard James, Ozwald Boateng and Timothy Everest.

In the 21st Century, Savile Row is more modern and accessible than ever – with a range of tailors providing bespoke tailoring to customers in suit styles ranging from traditional to modern to cutting edge.

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