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Barney Chandler Tower of London

Meet Barney. He is one of the Yeoman Warders of The Tower of London, known as “Beefeaters”, who lives and works at the royal palace. Watch and share his legendary London story. From his passion for making sure ravens stay at The Tower and pride in carrying out one of the oldest traditional ceremonies in history, Barney explains why he passionately believes London is the greatest city on earth.

About HM Tower of London

Despite the Tower of London's grim reputation as a place of torture and death, within these walls you will also discover the history of a royal palace, an armoury and a powerful fortress. Don't miss Royal Beasts and learn about the wild and wonderous animals that have inhabited the Tower, making it the first London Zoo.

Discover the priceless Crown Jewels, join an iconic Beefeater on a tour and hear their bloody tales, stand where famous heads have rolled, learn the legend of the Tower's ravens, storm the battlements, get to grips with swords and armour, and much more!

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