Remembering Lumiere London 2016

Remembering Lumiere London 2016, when iconic streets and buildings became a pedestrian playground.

At Oxford Circus, which was closed to traffic for the event, people lay on their backs gazing up at 1.8 London, Janet Echelman's beautifully illuminated aerial sculpture that was strung between buildings.

Along a pedestrianised Regent Street, crowds gathered to see Groupe LAPS/Thomas Veyssiére’s Keyframes, LED stick men in motion, and Elephantastic!, a 3D, larger-than-life projected elephant stomping through the Air Street arch. Audiences stood mesmerised by The Light of the Spirit, a digital painting by French artist Patrice Warrener, who had bathed Westminster Abbey's West Gate in an electric riot of colour.

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In Carnaby, visitors gathered around Julian Opie's animated LED monolith, Shaida Walking. The piece was commissioned as a permanent installation for the area.

Aquarium, an iconic red telephone box filled with exotic fish created by Benedetto Bufalino & Benoit Deseille, was a firm festival favourite, drawing audiences to leafy Grosvenor Square in Mayfair. The square was also home to Elaine Buckholtz's abstract digital painting, Spinning Night in Living Colour.

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Hundreds of Londoners of all ages played their part in the festival: from donating a recycled plastic bottle for the glowing Plastic Islands installation by Luzinterruptus in the Trafalgar Square fountains, to appearing on film in the spectacular Circus of Light, projected onto the Granary Building at King's Cross. Meanwhile, 500 children also took part in workshops at schools in the area to help make Joining the Dots and Litre of Light, both also at King's Cross.