High Street Kensington Underground Station

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High Street Kensington Underground Station

123 Kensington High Street
W8 5SA
+44 20 7222 1234

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10 April 2018
di Ben C.

It always bothered me that this station is called High Street Kensington and not Kensington High Street. It also bothered me that if you want to get the circle line via Victoria, you'll need to watch about 3 district line trains go before you board.

It is a fairly clean station and there's a nifty shortcut through Boots for those who are staying at the nearby Holiday Inn on Wright's Lane.... Continua

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27 November 2010
di Bruce K.

With a name like "Kensington High Street," you would expect the station to be top notch. It's a great name for a station. And... it lives up to the expected reputation. Set back a bit from the street through a high class shopping arcade including Pret a Manger and a Marks and Spencers, it's well appointed and lovely to look at and transit through. There are a large number of buses that stop... Continua

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15 October 2012
di Lorrie M.

This station is super convenient ... when it's open. I stayed in a hotel around this are and fortunately for me (or ... unfortunately for me?) this station was closed the entire weekend for maintenance and repairs making it very difficult for me to get around. However, the Monday that I was here, and the station was finally open, it was absolutely incredible!

The High Street Kensington... Continua

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22 June 2015
di Dewey C.

High Street Kensington Station is really very convenient and almost perfectly located for discount hotels and shopping. It is clean and the staff are polite unlike nearly all subways in the US which are overcrowded with machineguntotingcops.

The station is right next to Marks and Spencer so one can shop, shop, shop then tote tote tote, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than a cab and rush hour... Continua

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28 May 2016
di Kirsty H.

I had a brief encounter with this station but it looks fantastic. Coming up from the depths of the underground I was immediately met with an array of high street shops and little independent cafes and restaurants. The number of shops to choose from was overwhelming (in a good way).

Had I not been on a mission to hunt down an alcoholic beverage I would have definitely gone for a lovely spot... Continua

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